Howler on Broussard

One last Broussard link before I relinquish the obsession: Bob Somerby of Daily Howler helps restore my faith in (some) people’s ability to see what’s really going on: A letter writer helps us recall what’s at stake in that Times report. Somerby and his editorial tapeworm had this to say:

Given the huge publicity this appearance received — and given Broussard’s partisan tilt on September 4 — we don’t see why Russert shouldn’t have had him back to clarify what occurred. This Sunday, it would have been perfectly easy for Broussard to say that he simply got his chronology wrong in the chaos and emotion of that first week. But instead, he played the demagogue, questioning the motives of those who have corrected him and still asserting that the woman drowned on the Friday night. Sorry, we thought Broussard’s performance this Sunday was phony. We think Dems will get rid of leaders like this if they want to be widely trusted — if they want to be able to criticize pseudo-cons for their endless dissembling and faking.

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