Raimondo: The Other Shoe in Rove/Plame Has Yet to Drop

A detailed exploration of what might be going on behind the scenes of Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigation into Rove/Plame from antiwar.com’s Justin Raimondo: Rove-gate: Who Leaked to the Leakers?

This isn’t about Rove.

It’s about a cabal of war hawks inside the administration who passed on this information to others without telling them about Plame-Wilson’s deep cover status, perhaps suggesting that she was just an analyst working at a desk rather than a covert operative involved in a vitally important overseas operation, the knowledge of which was highly compartmentalized and only dispensed on a need-to-know basis. When Rove and his shills blabbed to reporters and anyone who would listen, they didn’t realize that they were aiding and abetting an elaborate ploy to stick it to the CIA.

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