Schoenkopf on Schwarzenneger

Sven posted a comment mentioning this extremely fun article on Schwarzenegger from the Orange County Weekly: Capitol Punishment.

Recently termed-out Senate President John Burton holds court in a corner but leaves before I see him. I nearly cry when someone tells me he’d been there. Lovely, foul-mouthed John Burton! Here’s the LA Times when Burton was termed out from the Senate: “To protest what he considered Republican political attacks on the poor, he once drafted legislation that would have made it a crime to have an income below the poverty level. Another Burton bill would have required that state orphanages serve gruel.”

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  1. Sven Says:

    In honor of $chwarzenegger’s 80 million dollar “special election” announcement today, Jenny and I have decided to sell our entire collection of Arnold movies on Ebay:

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