The Atkinz Menu Switch at TGI Fridays

Janus/onan pointed this out to me: TGI Fridays menu prank. It concerns Rob of, and his one-man quest to carry out clever and amusing pranks (in this case, replacing a page in a TGI Fridays menu with a humorously altered version).

I didn’t realize until fairly far into it how ambitious Rob was; he didn’t merely perform this act at his own local TGI Fridays, but enlisted a small army of online helpers to carry out the prank throughout the country.

It reminds me some of Improv Everywhere, except we don’t get to witness the reaction of the prank-ees. As Rob explains:

If this was a television show, you’d get to see what happened to that menu. There’d be a hidden camera in the restaurant, capturing people’s reactions. This website doesn’t work that way.

I suggest you anticipate the reactions were outrageously awkward and hilarious.

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