Samir’s Story of the Saddam Hussein Capture

Having previously linked to the (unconfirmed, and since shown to be pretty clearly bogus, as far as I can tell) story of the guy who said Saddam was not captured in the infamous spider hole, I feel compelled to point out this story: I punched Saddam in the mouth.

Thanks to Bravo for the link.

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  1. Robert Says:

    No, No , NO, NO !!!!! You all have it wrong, what actually happened was Elvis Aaron Presley (who is still alive-replaced by an Elvis Impersonator in 1976) was in the area, with Jim Morrison (also not dead) and heard noises comming from the funnel web spider hole, they went over there, and Jim Morrison got rid of this gigantic man eating Spider by lighting it’s Fire!

    The King then proceeded into the hole only to find Saddam trying to molest a Hound Dog, he was then taken out and imprissoned by members of the french foreign Legion who took great pleasure in not only shaving his beard but also his, groin growth, the French really liked that bit!! that my dears is why they say they are from “GAY” Parieee !!! Hor horr horr… hor hor

    The Good Doctor, (I swear under oath that was the truth, just ask the Fags….Oooops, I mean the French!)

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