Johnson, Krauthammer, Noonan Make the Case for Terri

So, it turns out it’s possible to make a case — actually, a surprisingly strong case — for keeping Terri Schiavo alive (or at minimum, for Congress’s passage of legislation aimed at giving her case a federal review) without invoking a religion-based “culture of life.” Disability-rights lawyer Harriet McBryde Johnson does just that in this Slate article: Not dead at all – Why Congress was right to stick up for Terri Schiavo.

And Charles Krauthammer, while finding Congress’s action deplorable, still finds reason to question the morality of the direction the Schiavo case has taken — again, without invoking religion — in this opinion piece from last Wednesday: Between travesty and tragedy.

And Peggy Noonan, while tapdancing a bit closer to a religious argument, never gets to the level of zeal and certitude that I find off-putting, in this piece from the Wall Street Journal: In love with death.

Feeding-tube food for thought.

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