Non-Me Authors Can Publish Stories Again

In the past I’ve conferred on a number of users of the ability to post their own original items. Apparently I accidentally disabled that functionality with the recent upgrade to WordPress 1.5. I believe I’ve turned it back on again, so if you used to be able to post items to the site, you should now have that ability again. Sorry for the inadvertant silencing of the other voices.

9 Responses to “Non-Me Authors Can Publish Stories Again”

  1. Patriot Says:

    Speaking of that…

    HELLO again everyone! I’m back – (everyone groans) – you’re not getting rid of me just by requiring email registration. When that was implemented, I didnt have an email address, but now I do.

    Time to ‘fess up. I (Patriot) am actually an online entity known as “Nerd42” who has haunted the internet, off and on, for about five years. I came here to to conduct a social experiment.

    I decided to act exactly like a neo-mcarthy – argue for positions more extreme than those I actually believe in order to guage reaction. After all, if lefties expect everyone else to be “sensitive” and “tolerant” of people who disagree with them, then they are probably trying to set an example and act that way with people who disagree with THEM, right?

    Wrong. Even though all I did was refute points I’ve been insulted and been subject to vicious personal attacks. Why? I haven’t ever acted that way to anyone else. I haven’t tried to damage this web site, just to politely disagree with it’s message.

    You all failed the “tolerance test” misaberably, acting exactly as the WE HATE BUSH cliche’ predicted. How will you ever convince the “rest of the world” that you are really the more enlightened clear-thinking peace-loving solvers of brilliant solutions for all the worlds problems you claim to be when you act exactly like those you dispise?

  2. Patriot Says:

    yeah, nobody’s said it but no doubt some people have thought, “Get your own blog!”
    Now I have! Ta-da!

  3. yian Says:

    and proceeding to the site, we have a wonderful example of a lone voice babbling into the wind.

  4. Patriot Says:

    (rolls eyes) looked at the dates? I just started a week ago! If nobody reads my blog (yet) it doesnt matter – I’m just practicing pursuasive writing.

  5. ymatt Says:

    Trolling has a long tradition on the internet — even longer than 5 years, believe it or not. It’s still not very cool. (poopyface)

  6. Patriot Says:

    “To “troll” in the world of the internet is to lurk on a discussion board and make deliberately false and inflammatory comments, to which all the other posters feel they must reply, so that it roils the list. There is also a connotation of dishonesty about the troll’s real identity.”
    Hmm. Perhaps you are right. My apologies. I believe I now have all or most of the data I came to collect, and please understand I wasn’t thinking of what I was doing in that context really. I just like debating. As to identity – I’m not really being dishonest, I’m just not telling anyone my real name, thats all.

    seemed to me it ought to be ok since I wouldn’t mind some left-wing trolls on my new blog, figured that the reverse would probably be true.

  7. jbc Says:

    You all failed the “tolerance test” misaberably…

    Well, did I pass by virtue of letting you babble as much as you wanted to?

  8. Patriot Says:

    OK – so not all of you in reguards to your “tolerance” of my character particularly, just most of you. I could of course have been banned from the site – but still, generally what I predicted beforehand happened. I’ve never cursed, yet I have been cursed at for example.

  9. Rise Against Says:

    Aww, poor Patriot has been cursed at. Are you going to be ok?

    You can bet my cousin, whos is serving in Iraq right now would curse at you too for your unquestionable alligence to the president who through misinformation and downright lies, sent him there.

    I think people probably cursed at you out of frustration. I’ve been there, almost. It seems to frustrate people very much when they have to deal with individuals who cannot see the corruption in this administration, when it staers them in the face. Almost daily, there are new allegations of corruption, lies, shady deals etc., pretty much an endless supply. I’m not saying they’re all true, but just the fact that there are some many of them should make a wiseman suspicous.

    And then to defend this administration in the name of patriotism is so hyocritical it almost makes me want to curse as well.

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