McConnell on the Rise of US Fascism

I know there are those who dismiss such alarmist talk, but I honestly believe that the greatest danger facing our country today is the rise of US fascism.

It’s not just lefties like me who see things this way. Witness the following article from The American Conservative‘s Scott McConnell: Hunger for dictatorship.

2 Responses to “McConnell on the Rise of US Fascism”

  1. JaMmO Says:

    It’s the ignorance of everyone in this world that will one day allow for full blown fascism in America. To which I’m sure the majority of the ignorant will conveniently twist fascism into “being a patriot” When someone kills you, you kill them back. Quite the education system you got going on over there! I can just see what a math class might be like. For everyone they kill, we will kill 100 times as many. So if the terorists killed approx 5000 people at 911. How many terrorists and people (collateral damage) will die. Billy answers “about 500,000” Billy gets a sticker for his right answer. Way to go Billy!

  2. arlandm Says:

    Historians may know history is full of ironies, but this would hardly be one. They do know history is continuously being rewritten with statements such as “…a war initiated under the pretense of spreading democracy…”

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