Doolittle on Bush’s Response to the Tsunami

I recently had a mini-debate with J.A.Y.S.O.N. over the question of whether Bush’s response to the Asian tsunami disaster has been inadequate. I asserted that it had been; he responded that I was just being a Bush-hater, and that whether or not Bush was guilty of being callous or self-centered, for me to harp on it would be bad tactics, since it would cement Bush supporters in their belief that people like me just hate Bush irrationally.

He may be right. But having considered his argument, and having tried to figure out where my views come from, I still think Bush is an asshole, and that the particular ways in which he’s an asshole were very much on display over the past week. Anyway, I probably would have written a very long post (actually, a bunch of very long posts) about this if I were still in that pre-election bubble when I labored tirelessly to expose what a Very Bad President was George W. Bush indeed, but I don’t have the heart for that at this point. There’s been some good coverage of the issue on other weblogs, though. I especially like this item from Jerome Doolittle: The terrible twos.

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  1. John F. Says:

    I thought the fact he is trying to superscede the UN with relief efforts is evidence enough that Bush si doing a poor job….

    He’ll make the case that the UN will just spend the money on red tape and not relieve the people… But lets look at what George will do with the money: He’d hand out a contract to a corporation to handle relief efforts and THEY will squander the money, and Bush will only talk that things are positive because.

  2. sugmullon Says:

    “consideration rarely effects irrational feelings”

  3. Gunfighter Says:

    Let’s see, an article by Jerome Doolittle…former speachwriter for Jimmy Carter. One can expect a balanced observation from him for sure. Jimmy Carter’s presidency is generally rated as a failure. Perhaps some of you remember the 20% inflation, high unemployment and Iranian hostage situation. All handled in his own inept manner.

    Nope, don’t believe we can expect anything but blind Bush hating from Jerry. But there is something to be said for his consistancy.

  4. Honey Says:

    Perhaps some of you remember the terrorist attacks that occured on Bush’s watch, his 400 billion dollar deficit, his high unemployment, his failed war in Iraq, his failed war on terrorism, all handled in his own inept manner.

    Oh, sorry, we don’t critize Daddy do we?

    Blindness indeed.

  5. Buck Says:

    Someone famous once said that “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”.
    There is a difference between being consistently right and consistently wrong (like Bush).

    Gunfighter will never get it, though, because gunfighter can’t even spell it.

  6. Gunfighter Says:

    Darn, my dependence on spell check has been exposed. I can never attend another Mensa meeting!

    The terrorist attack that occurred on Bush’s watch was planned long before he took office. Although I could mirror the views of my liberal friends and blame the Clinton administration, the perpetrators were the ones behind the death and destruction. They and their financiers are to blame.

    As far as the current deficit, I had hoped for better fiscal restraint from my Republican senators and congressmen. I believe they are getting the message and will demonstrate more backbone this year.

    Signs of a recession and increasing unemployment were evident under Clinton. Perhaps the intelligensia are not subject to the vagaries of the economy, so let me make an observation. There is a change occurring that is as far reaching as the first industrial age. This isn’t something a government can cause or prevent.

    Manufacturing has been leaving this country for decades, and taking the high paying middle class jobs with it. There wasn’t much notice taken until white collar jobs started leaving as well. Bush’s tax cut isn’t going to have much of an impact on unemployment, but neither is protectionism. I don’t think anyone has a workable solution yet. The problem is the ease with which capital and technology moves internationally. To paraphrase Dr. Thurow, if a guy in China will do your job for three bowls of rice per day, you’re overpaid. This isn’t Bush or Clinton’s fault, it just IS.

    As far as the war on terror and the war in Iraq are concerned, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet. I’ll wait to see how things progress after their elections at the end of January.

    One last observation…if you perceive Bush as being “consistently wrong”, then perhaps you are suffering the same blindness I am accused of. (Relax Buck, I know I ended the sentence in a preposition…I spelled it right though.)

  7. Jimbo Says:

    My language “offends” you Gunfighter?

    Goodness, I feel for you but my son being disembowled by a roadside bomb offends my me.

    It took 4 days for Nathaniel to drive from Kuwait City to Belad in an unarmored Humvee. His CO had the honor (and balls) to take the lead vehicle in spite of this. If I have the good fortune to meet the man in person I’d shake his hand and thank him for his concern.

    If I ever have the misfortune to meet you in person you disloyal fuck I’d kick your ass because you’re nothing but a miserable coward.

  8. HatedBush Says:

    It is not the question of “we hated Bush” but the question of feelings, I agree with your Message. I had the feeling of uneasiness on how fast Bush responded to Tsunami. It is like when he read the book to the Children on 9/11, and it took him long enough to leave the classroom, very much like that. He took long enough to respond to the tradegy of Tsunmani. And on top of that, not long ago, he preached about the Fear that the Terrorists might come inland to USA saying that 9/11 will happen again, and now the Tsunami happened, it just seems like all his messages on War on Terror all seem to be moot. (This is not the greatest Fear that had been brought to the People, but Tsunami is the greatest Fear brought upon us and Bush has nothing to say for it unfortunately). The original $15 Million Dollars had made him stingy then he pledged more and then more until we are all satisifed. Come on, he willingly gives $840 Million or something like PER DAY for Iraq, then unwillingly giving for Tsunmani Suvivors and it took HIM a WEEK to respond to that. Just like on 9/11 when he was slow to respond to the attacks and hiding in his bunker of the White House, just like he is hiding at Crawford, Texas Ranch for Christmas Holidays. Just pure tasteless.

  9. HatedBush Says:

    Have you ever heard of “Do something than do nothing at all?” Bush was forced to do something than doing nothing at all, by his Viewers being his Christian Followers.

    Imagine if Bush would do nothing at all, and only pledged the $15 million dollars and only say yep, it is a tradegy but there is nothing we can do about it? The Christians and the World would say “Oh my God”…what if it was the other way around? Ever thought of that? You can tell by his face while he was on Holidays at the Ranch, that rather it was being forced. He looks like he had no choice but to pledge or else. But the thought that he pledge way three times more for Iraq than to Tsunmani survivors. The thing is the money is not going to the Iraqi Survivors but for Security and its Soldiers, but the trick is “where is the money really going into?” They have had no humvees to protect their vechicles and the rebuilding and reconstruction had not started yet, it is just pure for January Election Security measures. That is all it went into. (probably) and 30,000 Children had died Today due to proverty in Iraq. Think about it, What is Bush really thinking? More for tradegy of Tsunami Survivors or more for their Security in Iraq? and Bush is capable to make a choice. Keep going or stop it. I agree with the Messenger, that I don’t have the heart to explain Bush’s actions. Like some one told me not a long ago, “Don’t make excuses for him.” He knows what he is doing.

  10. TeacherVet Says:

    HatedBush: Sorry, but your name says it all. Your slant is all based on an obvious biased agenda, your figures are false, and, consequently, your arguments are meaningless. First we hear that thousands of innocent civilians have died during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and now we hear that “30,000 Children had died Today due to poverty in Iraq.” From what unbiased source,/i> did you get any of your data? Al Jazeera? Michael Moore? The New York Times?

    Perhaps George Bush should have jumped up immediately and made a rash decision based on initial reports. I don’t think so; the initial reports gave a figure of “hundreds” dead from the tsunami disaster, then was soon updated to “as many as 12,000” estimated. The financial aid rendered by the U.S. has grown by corresponding amounts as awareness of the magnitude of the disaster has been incrementally increasing.

    Any comparison between the costs of an ongoing war and a large, but single disaster is ludicrous. President Clinton operated properly in making funds available to victims of the Oklahoma City bombing after determining the extent of the needs, and the funds allocated were never compared to the costs of his 4 wars…because it would have been ridiculous to do so.

    Should President Bush have pledged $500 billion immediately, when the estimated death toll was in the hundreds? Or when it was set at 12,000? Or should he have waited until the figure reached 150,000? No nation or world leader responded immediately with a firm figure to donate to the cause, since doing wo would have been premature and irresponsible. It is difficult to comprehend that some folks stoop to politicizing such a disastrous event.

    $15 million was pledged without 60 hours, with the promise that there was “much more to come.” Our contribution, including supplies, an aircraft carrier capable of generating tens of thousands of bottles of purified drinking water daily, and other non-cash donations, amount to well in excess of half a billion dollars worth as of today, and the amount increases each day. Where do you get the statement, “but there is nothing we can do about it”–The same sources listed previously?

    WOULD SOMEONE OUT THERE PLEASE TELL US EXACTLY HOW MUCH MONEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN PLEDGED IMMEDIATELY UPON LEARNING OF THE DISASTER. Or should a statement have been issued immediately–a statement that would not have heard by the victims. Should the statement have been made solely for political expediency? Or, more honestly, is there anything this president could have done that would not have been politicized? And the reckless, self-destructive 21st Century American Civil War continues….what a shame.


  11. enkidu Says:

    teachervet – you are the moral and ethical equivalent of the bushhaters you so despise. Just to clarify: the sky if blue, water is wet and bush is a moron.

    It took him three days to say anything about 150,000 souls being wiped out (course they were mostly dang muslimoids, so wgaf?) His initial pledge of aid was so tepid and forced as to be shameful. And the amount? As of 1/5/05 we have pledged just 42.27 HOURS of the cost of his disasterous Iraq war. Way to go Christian soldier!

    A foriegn policy based on the hastening of the apocalypse is worse than none at all.

    As to how much you tighty righties hate the liberal coasts… Look up liberal in the dictionary, then look up conservative. I sure am glad I know where I stand on that continuum. Do you look around yourself at the sickest elements of the right and think “Hallelujah! I am on the side of intolerance, bigotry, corruption and greed!” Ya’ll thump that Bible so much, but when I read it I am drawn to Jesus’ message of peace, love and tolerance. What would Jesus do?

    Invade Iraq! what a joke

  12. HatedBush Says:


    Don’t you remember last year when it only took Bush almost one or two days to invade Iraq? He rushed to judgement because he thought there were WMD there in Iraq and Saddam had to be taken down immediately. That is taking it too far politically.

    Bush’s thinking: Tsunami don’t matter, but Iraq does. Did you know he pays $840 Million Per Day for Iraq compared to the original $15 million pledged just for Tsunami Survivors, do you really think that will take care of the problem? Doesn’t Bush have a heart? any Feelings? It took him more than three days and almost a Week to make the real Pledge. Oh that is taken place after Christmas once he is finished vacationing! (Haven’t you heard Bush always saying his famous words, “Let me Finish?” and now he’s saying Let me finish my Vacation then I shall Pledge? what a joke! There is no time length to when you can Pledge, but any one who has the Heart will do so immediately after seeing all those deaths. When I saw the Child as young as 2 yrs old even some Babies all drowned down in the Tidal Wave, imagining them drowning in your head….horrible and I had the greatest feeling and the Heart that I want to help out by giving out Donations and Necessities. Don’t tell me that you had to think on it first before coming to the judgement, it does not take a thinking to make the movement and the pledge, Feelings and Love does. If Bush really cares about these People, He would have pledged some more than $350 million dollars! Australia had him beaten at $764 million to be spread upon 5 years. Bush thinking, No, Iraq comes first. :(

  13. TeacherVet Says:

    enkido, as soon as the name-calling begins, it is immediately evident that there will be no logic used for argument. However, you may be right – maybe we should have just turned a blind eye and allowed the nice Saddam fellow another 3 decades to keep slaughtering those of his countrymen, ethnic rivals, who were being killed for having the courage to oppose him.

    In the weeks prior to the war, Saddam executed his imprisoned political opponents, but released an estimated 50,000 thieves, robbers, kidnappers, rapists, and murderers to roam the countryside like wolves. The young kids who refused to join his “Youth Army” were, of course, allowed to remain in the prisons. Perhaps we should “blame Bush” for not ending Saddam’s reign of terror before his “purging” of the prisons could be accomplished.

    I state my disagreement with those who are blinded by hatred, but I don’t know where you get the “despise” comment. Please help me find any such personal attack, coming from me, in any of my posts. I believe it is possible to disagree without malice, threats, or hatefilled speech.

    HatedBush, I believe a tiny bit of research will reveal that your statement, “it only took Bush almost one or two days to invade Iraq,” is just another ridiculous statement. It was debated for several months, during which time congressional approval was granted (with a majority of both parties supporting), many weeks of discussion and debate were held at the U.N., additional futile “inspections” were conducted (although they were incomplete, with the lack of cooperation from Saddam), etc. – all in just one or two days?

    Since you obviously did not bother to read my previous post before responding, I will repeat my request: “SOMEONE PLEASE TELL US EXACTLY HOW MUCH MONEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN PLEDGED IMMEDIATELY UPON LEARNING OF THE DISASTER.”

    Timing, hmmmm. Kofi Annin remained on vacation for another 4 days following announcement of the disaster. Where are the expressions of disgust for his lack of “Feelings and Love?” How many days did Japan, Australia, Germany, and all others wait to announce their donation amounts? All of them waited longer than our President did, so where are the expressions of disgust? Face facts, folks; all of the criticism is simply a continuation of political, malicious attacks on our own president.

    Since the financial pledges have now become a competitive game, it must be noted that our response is more than “immediate cash.” We are providing purified drinking water, and our military is being used to deliver food and water via helicopter to places that are inaccessable any other way. Please use your wizardry of figure manipulation to arrive at a monetary amount for the military contribution – ships, planes, helicopters, land vehicles, salaries, food, water, etc. – then add the total costs to the $350 million, and please give us your final figures. It may be impossible for you to arrive at a total contribution, since we have not yet determined our “exit strategy.”

    I asked several questions in this post, but I know those questions will go unanswered. President Clinton has stated that he is “proud of our President” for his response to the situation. Please try to learn something from him.

  14. Gunfighter Says:

    At the risk of drawing the ire of “Jimbo”, the anonymous ass kicker, I would like to contribute some thoughts.

    First, please recognize that the enormity of the challenge of this human disaster was unknown and is not fully understood yet. Dislike or hatred of Bush is totally irrelevant in light of the work that must be done.

    While time is of the essence in this type of situation, the leadership has to understand what is needed and how to get it where it is needed. The supplies, delivered to a beach, will not help people 100 miles inland with no transportation available and roads impassable. It takes time to get the right equipment in place to do the job. Please recognize that, quite frankly, no one was prepared for a disaster of this magnitude.

    Nothing can be done for the people that were lost in the tsunami, short of a decent burial. A country may sit smugly and say they have pledged more money than the U.S., but it is the U.S. that has committed the equipment and know-how to get the help to those that need it. This is a big job and the people who are organizing it and actively delivering the goods are the ones saving lives, not pledged money that frequently does not materialize.

    Some official may say the U.S. is “stingy” in the dollars promised. But those are American helicopters, flown by American pilots from American aircraft carriers that are bringing food, water and medical supplies to the people who need it.

  15. aa Says:

    are you aware that bush had a real estate license in CA few years ago?? someone should investigate further what happened there and if there is anything to find out about that???

  16. Bushinenergizer Says:

    Do you know what, Teacher Vet? The Nick name I put in “Hated Bush” was mine. I put in for change of venue, as I agreed with the original messenger (jbc) as everybody said we do these things because we hated Bush. I thought I’d test the waters and put in different nick and hence there you are, claiming us we are vehemently against Bush on Tsunami because we hated him, which is not the case. You are really quick in your judgement, but who dunnit? Bush himself. The actions he done on Conference TV was out of pure show, but not pure feelings. It is funny really that you would be quick to judge us rather to judge Bush on his actions. There you go. I am back to the old nick, but I think I am gonna change it to BushBanger, mmmm BushBibleThumper, mmmm feel free to help me out to change the nick to better suit the real Bush- the President. Or just call me by what everybody calls me: Jen. You know what will happen if I changed to my original real name, just like many Amandas out there got thrashed.

    Oh well, Truth hurts. I can face it. But some cannot. Face it and get over it. :) The Truth about Bush is the truth as America sees it, face it and get over it. He is a Monkey and a Loser, a Whiner that does not want to lose any more money needed for Disaster, than to spend Money like Water for Iraq. You tell me which one is RIGHT. Iraq or Tsunami. At least, Saddam can control its People, but right now it is out of control with these Sunnis everywhere and the KURDS, which will risk a Civil War. Keep them on a Leash or let them loose like Wild Boars. The Kurds wants their own State, just like Palestinans. What do you propose to make Iraq a better place to be? Bush just opened a Can of Worms, and all hell broke loose. I know Saddam abused, killed People but at least he had control over the Sunnis and the Kurds and keep them at bay. I cannot see a better way on how to go about it, changing Laws in Iraq for a better new Iraq. I don’t think the Kurds and the Sunnis are going to like it one bit. THERE will be Civil Wars to come soon and watch this line, it will be a breaking News in the new year 2005.

    Tsunami or Iraq, like Kofi Annan said on the News, telling everybody in the World to be good on their words to pledge the money, like they promised. He fears that some Countries are not going to pay up. I don’t think USA is going to pay up, more less it is just a Word, will be a broken promise yet again just like they did in Africa. All monies were diverted to Iraq from Sudan. Did you know that? They promised money for Sudan Crisis, then were quickly diverted to Iraq. All the Pledges to Tsunami will be diverted back to Iraq. I bet you on that. That is why it is only $350 million, just a short change of money, which don’t mean anything to them unless they are GOOD on their word and Pay UP!

    (I’ve had lots of people lying to me in my face, so who cares? Everybody vote for a new name for me…alright? I just cannot seem to make up my mind LOL or I am going to stick to Bush Names- the only way I know how anyway).

  17. Bushinenergizer Says:

    TeacherVet: Oh you gotta love Clinton, I like him, but as you remember what he said in his speech at his first Presidential Library. He said “I like Bush as he is my Friend same as I like Kerry, but I don’t like his Ideas or his Programs”. I like Both, but I cannot seem to make up my mind, but I have to agree on Kerry’s Program as it is right. I don’t like Bush’s Policies. (Simple as that!)

    He may support Bush on helping out for Tsunami but he disagree with his Policies such as USA Foreign Policy which is very flawed. It will not last as Bush will pull out in helping Tsunami and refocus on Iraq once again. Just wait and see.

    LOL You don’t really know about Clinton, don’t ya? Were you there at the Presidential Library either physically or on TV? I have seen it all. I never missed it, not for one second! Where there is Clinton, I am always there listening to his speeches, as he makes the most sense. Bush on the other hand, pushing himself out away from Clinton to get his own spotlight, thinking he is always RIGHT on everything else, Well Bush, time to pay up for Tsunami Disaster….mmm how about it, we are waiting! The Tsunami Disaster Summit said it needs at least $771 Million dollars to cover just for 6 months. What about for the long run? OH yes, Bush has other business to do, and that Agenda is his own- Number #1 Iraq (Check) Number #2- appoint Cabinet (check) Number #3- Medicare (pending) Number #4- Social Security (Pending) Number #5 – Tsunami (never) Number #6- Back to Iraq (pending)

    Hey, Facts are Facts.

  18. TeacherVet Says:

    Jen, it’s guite natural to be really quick in our judgment that “we are vehemently against Bush…because we hated him” when the poster uses the name, HatedBush. I was not criticizing your name, but merely acknowledging that it was appropriate.

    The money and aid pledged is a fact that cannot be denied. Reading the mind of a president is pure conjecture, so it can be denied (and should be ignored) until it becomes fact.

    I’ll take your bet – just name the amount. I’ll even give you 10/1 odds. But, before actually betting that Pres. Bush made an insincere pledge, please be aware of the following:

    1. At least $190 million in private assistance is already en route.
    2. By Wednesday, 13,435 American GIs had used 21 vessels, 41 airplanes, and 50 helicopters to deliver 305 tons of supplies.
    3. U.S. warships desalinate water at a rate of 400,000 gallons daily. Sailors aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln have even stopped taking showers to make every last drop of fresh water available to tsunami survivors for drinking.
    4. A series of photos at the U.S. Navy’s Web site shows 2 Culinary Specialists preparing 600-800 loaves of bread daily for survivors – only 2 of thousands of Americans in uniform lending their skills to help the suffering. I gave the Web site because you won’t see such photos in the mainstream media coverage.
    5. The U.S. donated $2.5 billion in development assistance to the Middle East and Northern Africa in 2003 alone, according to the OECD.
    6. At an estimated $4 million daily, the Pentagon has mobilized its largest Asian military operation since Saigon fell to Communism. The entire strike group consists of:

    the USS Abraham Lincoln
    the cruiser USS Shiloh (CG 67)
    the destroyer USS Benfold (DDG 65)
    the destroyer USS Shoup (DDG 86)
    the attack submarine USS Louisville (SSN 724)
    the fast combat support ship USS Rainier (AOE 7)
    Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 2
    Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 151
    Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 137
    Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 82

    That’s “stingy”? The total aid package from the U.S. will amount to billions in the first year alone, none of it because anyone was “shamed” into responding (just check our history). Perhaps that much should have been pledged immediately, when the estimated death toll was “in the hundreds,” but I don’t think so. The pledge escalated as the severity of the tragedy escalated, and no country on the face of this earth made corresponding responses more quickly than the U.S.

    America-haters, both within and outside our borders, have persisted in the effort to give America another black eye. “Instead of trying to score political points, let’s get on with helping those who need help. America is neither stingy nor uncaring, as it has proven over and over again throughout our history. What has changed is that the political waters have gotten so polluted that nothing is off limits when it comes to trashing the opposition. The election may be over, but there are scores still to be settled, no matter what the issue.” That statement came from Pat Sajak, who also said, “Political pornography is not unlike the sexual kind: difficult to define, but you know it when you see it.” STOP SPREADING FEAR!

    I’m still waiting for an answer to any of my questions, but especially the one in CAPS from two previous posts.


  19. TeacherVet Says:

    I posted a lengthy reply just moments ago that has not yet appeared, but while I wait….would someone please address at least one of the questions I have asked in previous posts, especially the one in CAPS on two separate posts. Trying avoid redundancy, so I won’t repeat the question at this time.

  20. TeacherVet Says:

    Jen: Yes, there are many things I really liked about President Bill Clinton. I was vocally supportive of many of his policies. Later, I even liked his policies of supporting decisions made by President George Bush, the man who followed him in the “seat of responsibility.” I had, and continue to have, no doubt that his intentions/actions were/are always in the best interests of his country.

    I was vocal and adamant in my opposition to the partisan impeachment, because it distracted him from the jobs at hand. I am equally opposed to the petty garbage that is now coming from the “other side of the aisle” – for the same reason. I am a “born Democrat” who hates only one thing – the self-destruction of the Democratic Party of my youth. Today’s Democrats are obviously willing to even jeopardize our national security just for an opportunity to regain “power,” and that is not a part of the party I remember.

    I would love to return to the party, but I cannot be a part of this Democratic Party – and I don’t see a return to sensibility in the foreseeable future.


  21. Jen don't like what Bush is doing... Says:


    Didn’t you say name the amount?


    1. Bush pledged $10,000 of his own personal money out of his own pocket.

    $10,000? That is all? I would declare that stingy. I thought he is very Rich with his Rich Daddy and had Rich Families and Rich Friends like Prince Bandar who GAVE him and his Wife Laura Bush $95,000 in Jewellry. Why don’t they just give up these Gifts and donate these to Tsunami? I am sure Prince Bandar will understand. ;)

    Sandra Bullock and Brad Prasiley pledged $1 million dollars each for Tsunami.

    Bush only pledged $10,000 of his own money? and hence he is calling People in the USA to pledge more money into Charities instead.

    Plus Bush is considering more money for Aid Relief.

    Considering? What is there to consider? Powell have had seen the Aceh/Tsunami Disaster and told Bush it is very excessive and imperative that they need more money in Aid Relief immediately and Bush is considering???

    Bill Clinton, without hesitation pledged over $2 Million and more for Clean Water and Sanitation immediately for Tsunami Victims.

    Also to add your statement about Stop spreading Fear, it is funny and irony when you said it, when Bush himself just spread Fear during the Election that USA will be attacked just like 9/11 and War on Terror, and more crap. Bush should be encouraging and comforting the American People instead of spreading Fear in order to win his own Election and he’s got it. Good for him, shall it be successful for four more years I hope with no Terror Attacks upon our USA soil!(Good Grief and I am suspicious about the Train Derailment twice in the USA in the same week).

    Oh by the way, did Bush address about its own Disaster in the USA like California Floods and Winds and Ice Storm and such? Nope, it is not on his Agenda, Iraq is.

  22. TeacherVet Says:

    Jen, you’re probably right; we Americans are just historically stingy. Please help me – I’m not sure how to go about having my own personal donation returned. This weekend I’m driving my nephew, Zachary, to North Carolina so he can depart for Iraq (our only interest), and I prefer to augment the “tax donation” I already give to the war effort. ()

    Bill Clinton has expressed nothing but praise for the personal and presidential efforts that have been put forth by George Bush with regard to the tsunami tragedy. He made a $2 million pledge immediately? Please define the italicized term. Where are the criticisms of the complete void of donations from the “truly rich” OBL-types in support of their own Muslim people? Why the continued efforts to encourage continued terrorism by giving America another black eye?

    Spreading fear? The U.S. will certainly be subjected to attacks similar to (greater than) the 9/11 events, and Pres. Bush has done exactly the right thing via constant reminders of that eventuality, imploring our vigilance and alertness. Statements of encouragement and comfort are of little/no effective consequence in our readiness. The “ostrich defense,” combined with incessant pleading with an enemy who has vowed our destruction, are not appropriate in the face of such an enemy. I WISH THAT PLOY COULD BE EFFECTIVE.


  23. enkidu Says:

    current US pledge is approx 42 hours of Iraq war spending
    please read that again all you non-reality-based readers (sorry to use a fact as they seem to be out of vogue right now, maybe scripture has something to say about giving to the poor and needy… hmmmm)

    considering our GDP is so much greater, this is sad
    and indeed quite shameful that it took nearly 3 DAYS for shrub to say anything
    he blew an opportunity to show the world we do care about folks other than the israelis

    I am not going to argue about how much and when… it was not enough and too late

    fact – largest donor (dollar amount) is Japan 500 million
    fact – adjusted for GDP, we haven’t really given as much as we could
    fact – we were on vacation when this happened… when we got home, I talked with my boys (almost 3 and almost 6) about what had happened and we all went to our piggy banks and gave half of what we had to the relief efforts

    I am sure u tighty righties can twist this into some sort of lefty abomination (independent voter rolls eyes, sighs, walks away)
    best sign: If you had hunted Osama like you did Clinton, HE’D BE DEAD RIGHT NOW

  24. TeacherVet Says:

    enkido: What does the tsunami tragedy have to do with Operation Iraqi Freedom? We also spend much more on education (and many other things) than we pledged for the victims of the tsunami – but they have nothing in common.

    If the relief efforts have become a “contest” between countries, our country is “ahead” in that competition when you factor in the non-monetary contributions/efforts – but the agenda-driven comparison is unimportant. Those operations are expensive, and our government is providing them – food, water, transport, etc. – and “shrub” will augment the assistance as the necessity becomes evident.

    The effort made was “too late”? Please elaborate, and feel free to give detailed examples.

    Please address the issue of the complete void of financial support from those wealthy radical (terrorist) groups who have made no contributions whatsoever.

  25. TeacherVet Says:

    I emailed after following your link. I anticipate being sent another “friendly bug,” but I’m more prepared for it this time.

    The complete message:

    Troop withdrawal from Iraq = bloodbath, as in the killing fields of South Vietnam. Civil War in Iraq will be guaranteed, and the results will be “lol” for those who don’t care.

    “John Kerry lied, and 2.5 million peasants died.”

    The election is over, and it’s time to stop working against the best interests of this country and its citizenry. We told Republicans to “Get over it” after the 1992 and 1996 elections, and it’s time for us to listen to our own advice.

  26. Jen don't like what Bush is doing... Says:

    Well TeacherVet, you are wrong. The Muslim Group from Saudi Arabia and all around Egypt and surrounding Areas has had pledged $2 Million (I think approx.) to the Tsunami Disaster Relief. They are the very same ones that accept Donations for the Terrorists.

    There you go.

    But it should not be a contest, you are right. But I agree with Endiku…since Bush is a Christian, he should know about the Scripture or the Bible or whatever that there is a willingness to “give” to the poor for the Disaster areas. No questions asked. That is what a Caring Person is all about- for the Love of the People as he calls them “Folks” is rather degrading. We are People, not “Folks”, even though if he is a Texan but he should respect other people’s feelings and not all the same can return the favour.

    It is sad that the Donations will never get to Tsunami Victims fully to the extent and will be once ignored again just like previous past doings. What about California Disaster? Did Bush address that one? What about Global Warming that is going on in this World? Did Bush acknowledge that it is a real problem? Since Bush did not sign the KYOTO Accord, then it looks like the USA is not getting the support from God Above. (no brainer, uh?) How about Bush start praying for protection for the USA People and for its USA Lands?? Looks like it is not coming his way as he said he had a talk with God directly himself. LOL

    One can see right through a Faker and his name is Bush. Bush has no real feelings for the People in the World but only his own. It is true he pledged the money immediately whatever in three days or whatever, it is rather because he was forced to do upon by the People. Just remember he put the money into Iraq is far greater amount than it is going into Tsunami Victims. $864 Million PER DAY into Iraq EVERY DAY to pour into Security and for the Elections….only $350 Million going to Tsunami Victims and may never reach there and Did you know that the Marines are scaling back on Aid and turning back to Iraq RIGHT NOW??? How inconsiderate. That is why Bush depends on Private Donations and Charities to make up for his intention to pay out to Tsunami Relief (no duh?) So he can keep the Millions of Dollars as promised to them. If you say that is not the case, then why are the Private Charities working over time and Famous Stars having their own Concerts to raise the money to help them out?

  27. Jen don't like what Bush is doing... Says:

    I guess this is coming to a close and now we are focusing on other Disasters and it would be interesting to what Bush might do in these Circumstances…would he pledge more money for AID for California and declare that State as a Disaster Emergency State?

    Why not? Bush did so in Florida last year for the Hurricane Victims, why not California? Is it because his holy Brother Jeb Bush is a Governor for Florida so therefore he gets the Money in Aid for the Hurricane Victims?

    What? Bush gets to pick and choose which is to help the worse cases and leave out the minimal cases? What is he? I thought he was a Christian and a caring person— he should do the example following the Bible or he is putting that aside and act like a REAL President? I don’t know- is that good or bad?

    How much can he Pledge for other Disasters before he can run out? He is already broke from the Money going into Iraq! The Senators like Coble had indicated it is time to pull out of Iraq and go home since there are no WMD’s and the search has had ended. They are just there to secure the Elections and then what? Stay there until when? March? April? or October (this is what I heard).

    Pick who is First Priority? Second Priority? Last Priority? How about Never? Good Grief, I hope nothing happens to HIM and his Lovely State of TEXAS. LOL Would he give AID to his own former State of Texas? Gee I wonder! He has not done anything for California yet. 10 People died there due to Mud slides and there are Environment Disaster everywhere in California- Snow, Mudslides, and yep Earth Quake today at 4.2 Richer Scale! Houses lost and in the Millions of Dollars of Damage.

  28. TeacherVet Says:

    “The sky is falling, the sky is falling.” I don’t have the heart to argue with you right now – our closest friends’s (a fellow teacher) son got killed about two hours ago returning to college. I hesitate to even mention it – afraid you’ll blame it the evil Christianity of George Bush. It will be a Christian service and burial – and I hope you don’t have sufficient hatred and malice to politicize that, also.

  29. TeacherVet Says:

    Sorry for the typographical errors – I live in a stupid red state. Probably just another punishment from God for supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.

  30. Jen Says:

    Teacher Vet:

    Sorry about your Friend’s Son who passed away. I offer you my Sympathies and Consoldences. May God bless his Family in the hours of need.

    That is all I have to say. (Yes, I am a Christian too).

    Hope things will not get worse to the worse in the World Today.

    GBU, From Jen~

  31. - Says:

    Perhaps some of you remember the terrorist attacks that occured on Bush’s watch, his 400 billion dollar deficit, his high unemployment, his failed war in Iraq, his failed war on terrorism, all handled in his own inept manner.

    Oh, sorry, we don’t critize Daddy do we?

    Blindness indeed.

    Maybe you should remember the asprin factories that Mr. Clinton bombed after the USS Cole Attack, or the fact the Clinton was against the military in doing so cut funding and also had an statute that we could not assasinate any leaders (ie Osama ).

    911 happened due to Clinton. Maybe if he wasnt getting head from Monica he could have focused on doing more for America.

  32. Jen Says:

    Yes Clinton did get ahead, he got Record Surpluses and a DOW of 11,000 before he left Office. No deficts, Welfare rolls cut in half, High Employment rates, Unemployment rate down. He got along with Foreign Leaders better than Bush ever could. Clinton believes in Peace where Bush could not.

    That is pretty amazing, wouldn’t you think?


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