Hooray for premature slapping of the “-gate” suffix on a silly story!

Anyway, more today on the “Was Bush wired with a hidden earpiece at the debate?” story. From Salon’s Dave Lindorff (you’ve got the one-day pass already, so what the heck): Bush’s mystery bulge.

It points out, by the way, that I erred previously in saying none of Bush’s little lights were on when he made the weird “let me finish” comment; apparently the first of his lights had come on at that point. Anyway, there’s some interesting followup on the story.

Additional discussion is available at the Is Bush Wired? weblog’s second posting: What’s the frequency, Karl?

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  1. Craig Says:

    Hey, I saw another sinister bulge under Bush’s coat on a camera shot from behind him during this second debate! I guess he doesn’t care that the internet Junior Detectives have busted him on this!

    How much longer will this silliness go on?

  2. I want my country back... Says:

    Did any of you see the Associated Press photo of w’s back in last night’s debate. It looked like an alien beast was attached to his back. I think they padded him to hide the device. go here:

  3. David Says:

    Just making the rounds this morning- but does anyone remember the moment when Bush said, at the end of one of his statements, that they would get to talking about taxes ‘in a minute’.

    How could he know that? Good guess? No. It was something specific he was talking about.


  4. CuriousMind Says:

    “Did any of you see the Associated Press photo of w’s back in last night’s debate…”

    Interesting photo – I think it’s the shoulder pads of his jacket. They’re twisted around because he has his arms up & the lighting isn’t good.

    Still want to know what the angular thing wsa on 9/30/04. BushCo wants to ignore it, but there are too many people who can analyze photos. Somebody will get to the bottom of it.

  5. MadRamblings Says:

    At about 39 minutes into the first debate Bush flips his notebook over and you can see in the camera some of the mad scrawling that is on his notepad. Large letters, scribbles, but nothing I can completely make out, except maybe the word “Iraq” underlined twice.
    What kind of scrawl is it on those pages?

  6. gesima Says:

    Mr Bush is a coward who is a questions scaremongering!! He says he loves USA , could anyone ask him to sing the second verse of the USA antherm please.

    we will see on the stage if he could manage to flip flop. Othorwise, Americans should see the wisdom of an old man whom served his country very honorably.

    USA is at war?If Bush wins who will be financing the the war? He has a deficit like no one lese even a credit card holder id=s 100% well off, hey folks,you should know mr Bush is a coward and needs to stand up flom the crown and explans the wiregare

  7. xian Says:

    No, re taxes he said “but that’s for another debate” which at the time made me think he was just remembering stuff from a different briefing, and obviously telegraping (“tax gap”) the rhetoric they had planned for the debates with domestic content. But with all this isbushwired speculation, it now seems possible that he was again simply repeating something one of his handler’s was warning him (about getting off-message, off-track).

    Eerily reminiscent of his father’s “Message: I care” gaffe.

  8. Grimly Says:

    President George Walker Bush – a combination of Alfred E. Newman & Charlie McCarthy? Hilarious! Politics – more entertaining every day. Despite the man’s painfully obvious shortcomings, I expect that he will be “re-elected”.
    The fix is in. But he’s becoming more of a liability than an asset. How long will those in power tolerate him? Will he finish his 2nd term?

  9. TrueGrit Says:

    Apparently he wears it at the ranch too…


  10. Ssalongo Muwanga Says:

    Ha Ha Ha you Americans. how could have such a fool for a president?

  11. JustNoticing Says:

    Not that I don’t want to believe he’s getting prompted, which he is many other times, but this thing just may be his shoulder blades….

  12. Ponyboy Says:

    It is a battery pack. He uses a wirless earpiece to talk to god. Everyone knows that.


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