Krugman on bin Laden’s Man in Washington

Paul Krugman takes a while to get to the point, and doesn’t construct it as a rational argument, but rather as an extended pitch for a remake (a different remake) of The Manchurian Candidate, but I think he’s basically right, and that it’s a topic that’s worth discussing more, so here you go: The Arabian candidate.

2 Responses to “Krugman on bin Laden’s Man in Washington”

  1. Daemous Says:

    It’s not a factual argument. It’s a comparison to a movie plot. It would be fun if it wasn’t so close to home. I’m a little surprised he didn’t mention 41 as The Saudi Vice President.

  2. David Callender Says:

    Based upon the discussion, this time the opposition need not have a controller. Unfortunately, the position taken by Bush and backers have given the terrosits what they need.

    But how do we know that Kerry will do any better?

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