Insider Account of Child Prisoners’ Treatment in Iraq

I know reader Thom is following this story, so here’s an interesting data point: From Sadly, No!, an email from someone named John Heacock, who spent a year in Iraq with the Tennessee National Guard: Iraqi prisons, continued.

I hopped a link from Alterman’s blog and saw your publicizing of alleged children imprisoned and abused in Iraq. I spent almost a full year at the main prison in Iraq, Camp Bucca, which is near Um Qasr on the SE Iraq-Kuwaiti border.

There was a special compound for kids, defined as younger than 18, mainly those who were picked up with adults (generally relatives like Dads) for crimes or suspicions of crimes. I think the # peaked at around 60 or so.

There’s lots more. Definitely provides a useful perspective.

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    Thanks, John.

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