Suspicious Brown-Skinned Man with Camera Laments His Lost Innocence

This one really kind of bugs me. The artist’s statement: Humiliated, angry, ashamed, brown.

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  1. yian Says:

    same thing has happened to me before when i was living in uptown dallas – right next door to the architecturally spiffy-looking federal reserve bank. security cop came to greet me on the sidewalk and demanded ID and that i erase the pictures. like i wouldn’t have the sense to get a telephoto lens and stay off the sidewalk of the very building i’m photographing if i were a terrorist.

  2. John F Says:

    I’ve heard of this happening to a guy in Denver. He was taking photos of a hotel (for architecture purposes) and that hotel just happened to be oen that Dick CHeney was going to be staying in.

    He was arrested, detained, his camera confiscated… He was released after a whiel but he had no access to his lawyer and the government denied they ever held the guy or even knew of him.

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