Kristof on Bush’s Lying (Or Not)

The NY Times’ Nicholas Kristof has some interesting comments on the subject of Bush’s honesty (or lack thereof) and the nature of the public debate of same: Calling Bush a Liar.

Mr. Bush’s central problem is not that he was lying about Iraq, but that he was overzealous and self-deluded. He surrounded himself with like-minded ideologues, and they all told one another that Saddam was a mortal threat to us. They deceived themselves along with the public — a more common problem in government than flat-out lying.

2 Responses to “Kristof on Bush’s Lying (Or Not)”

  1. AnoCan Says:

    Well now, that’s *completely* different than lying, isn’t it?

  2. Tony D Says:

    That sugar coats it a bit.

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