Philosoraptor on the bin Laden Vote

After a lengthy hiatus, Philosoraptor is back with a timely item: Terrorism and the election, or: Does bin Laden want Kerry to win?

I’ve been wondering about this for a while. Given his choice, which of the two candidates in the upcoming US presidential election would bin Laden prefer to see in office? I think a very strong case can be made, as Philosoraptor does here, that Bush has been a dream come true for bin Laden.

2 Responses to “Philosoraptor on the bin Laden Vote”

  1. tas Says:

    Does anybody actually think bin Laden cares about who’s in office? More than half the voting age population of ths country can’t even tell the difference, and likewise they don’t even vote to decide which rich white man should keep the executive leather chair in the Oval Office warm for the next 4 years. I honestly don’t think bin Laden gives a shit who’s president.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    -1. not worth linking.

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