Plain Talking on the Iraq Upfuckery

Just one more war item before I head off for some peace (!) and quiet at anchor off a desert island for a few days. Check out Senator Earnest Hollings: Bush’s failed Mideast policy is creating more terrorism. Yeah, what he said.

Also, even Wolfowitz seems to be unable to avoid acknowledging that up is up and down is down, at least in some cases: US faces growing fears of failure.

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  1. nukethesandnigs Says:

    We will fail. The Arab street is a lost cause, and really requires temperatures high enough to sustain nuclear fusion..yes, we MUST nuke Mecca, and turn the Middle East and the rest of the Islamic world, into a friggin’ sand pit. This is a fight to the death, and not our death. You see, we have to survive so we can be around long enough to nuke North Korea in this decade. Remember, militant Islam IS Islam….and Islam is a violent fanatical culture in and of itself…period.

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