Provance: Definitely a Cover-Up

From ABC News, via Hiro, comes this interesting item: Definitely a cover-up.

May 18, 2004 — Dozens of soldiers — other than the seven military police reservists who have been charged — were involved in the abuse at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison, and there is an effort under way in the Army to hide it, a key witness in the investigation told ABCNEWS.

“There’s definitely a cover-up,” the witness, Sgt. Samuel Provance, said. “People are either telling themselves or being told to be quiet.”

Provance, 30, was part of the 302nd Military Intelligence Battalion stationed at Abu Ghraib last September. He spoke to ABCNEWS despite orders from his commanders not to.

“What I was surprised at was the silence,” said Provance. “The collective silence by so many people that had to be involved, that had to have seen something or heard something.”

Provance, now stationed in Germany, ran the top secret computer network used by military intelligence at the prison.

He said that while he did not see the actual abuse take place, the interrogators with whom he worked freely admitted they directed the MPs’ rough treatment of prisoners.

So, I can see two ways to explain this: Either Provance is a publicity hound who’s willing to put himself in a world of hurt by lying to get his face on camera. Or he’s telling the truth, and there is in fact a concerted effort under way to limit the damage of the Abu Ghraib scandal by covering up the extent to which Military Intelligence folks were involved.

On the face of it, I’d say the latter explanation is more likely.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I know SGT Provance personnally. He is a substandard soldier and a poor NCO. Everything he has said is hear-say from others at the prison. He does not know of one single incident of abuse. The fact that the Washington Post and ABC News are reporting what this guy heard shows they are not trustworthy news sources. Also, if they would have done any background checks on him, they would have found him to be a poor source of information.

  2. John Callender Says:

    Heh. Compared to, say, an anonymous weblog commenter? I mean, if we’re supposed to question him as a source based on what you’re saying, why wouldn’t the same standard lead us to question you even more?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    To John Callender: My friend, if you only knew SGT Provance like I do, you would immediately discount him as credible. His soldiers will tell you that he is worthless. But forget the personal attacks on the guy. Read what he is saying…there is nothing tangible there. Only what he has heard from others. He never saw a thing.

  4. Anonymous2 Says:

    The SGT Provance I know has quite a record. Look it up. Ask him for it. His soldiers are among the most loyal I’ve seen in this unit of back-stabbing and double dealing. I envy him…as you apparently do.
    Judging from your statements, you sound like you’re in the very “cover-up” he’s mentioned. You obviously weren’t there, but was probably living easy like the rest of us at Camp Victory.

    You’re a HERO, Provance. Biggest balls I’ve seen in awhile. You’re the kind of NCO we need.

  5. Casey Says:

    My last name is Provance. Wonder if i’m related! :D

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I send you and your visitors my best greetings.

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