Open Letter to the Crackhead Who Stole the Tops Off Matt’s Motorcycle’s Sparkplugs

This is really pretty sweet. From, via some weblogger whose identity I foolishly misplaced: Hey crackhead.

4 Responses to “Open Letter to the Crackhead Who Stole the Tops Off Matt’s Motorcycle’s Sparkplugs”

  1. a_stupid_box Says:

    What kind of idiot wrote this? I can understand if you’re new to a big city and work at a burger joint, but this guy is an engineer. I could have even let it slide if it only happened ONCE to an engineer. But twice? Come on, man, I like in Northeast Wisconsin and knew about fixing my plugs to prevent crackheads BEFORE I even had a bike.

    And he was pissed that he could potentially lose his job for writing a note online to a crackhead that wouldn’t even read it? Seems to me that’s like being pissed at the gun after you’ve shot yourself in the foot. Or would you be pissed at the bullet? In either case…

    This man obviously isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. He deserves to have his bike vandalized a third time just as much as the crackhead deserves to die from rat poison. In fact, his bike should be vandalized repeatedly until he DOES do something about it, as it doesn’t sound like he decided to utilize ANY of his preventitive measures.

    I’d like to see him tape a crackpipe to his bike only to be nailed by the police.

  2. rick pietz Says:

    And, I just thought it was funny.

  3. it_is_humor_get_it Says:

    You obviously don’t know the crackheads (or cops) that live in SF.

    I doubt if any cop in this city will issue you a ticket for taping a crackpipe to your motorcycle, hell they don’t even send you to jail for being obviously drunk and behind the wheel!

    And the entire post is FUNNY and hits very close to home for all of us who own motorcycles (or have friends who own ’em) in SF.

  4. Brenda Says:

    OH MY FUCKING GOD! There is a reason this was posted in RANTS. The guy was just letting a little aggression out in a blog. OBVIOUSLY he is probably very aware that said crackhead does not have internet access. He was writing to turn his misfortune into something humorous for the rest of and probably for himself as well. Take your inane self-righteous bullshit and shove it up your ass. Buy yourself a sense of humor.

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