Bartlett: Deep Misgivings on Iraq, Bush’s Decision-Making

Bruce Bartlett isn’t the kind of guy I read every day, but maybe I should. The self-described political conservative has some choice words about how things are going in Iraq, and about the problems he sees with Bush’s decision-making process: My misgivings.

I realize I make my own arguments fairly easy for Bush-supporters to dismiss, what with the one-sided snarkery I engage in. So ignore me. What about Bartlett, though? He’s not some raving leftist. He’s a sober, intelligent, thoughtful conservative. And he’s got concerns. Maybe you conservatives who visit from time to time (both of you) might want to check out his remarks.

For my other nine readers, who presumably fall somewhat closer to my own position on things, notice something here: the guy is a political conservative, yet he’s thoughtful, honest, and willing to speak his own mind. Interesting, huh?

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