I was flying back from Vegas this afternoon, and I found a copy of AA’s AmericanWay Magazine in the boarding area for SWA. I flipped through it while waiting to board (because I was too lazy to get my book out of my carry on bag), and found the most compelling argument against online music downloads (legal or otherwise) I’ve ever heard.

I think more people should apply this argument to more things.

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  1. rick Says:

    Nice find from an odd source. Though I’m not sure policy should be based on forcing people to expose their musical tastes to public scrutiny, but there is something to the argument. I had a good friend that we ridiculed (good naturedly) for years because he was a black guy who really liked Barry Manilow. That was a rare combination at my high school back in the ’70s

    I actually came to appreciate Barry Manilow when I saw his first HBO special. And I used to be careful who I admitted it to.

  2. crasspastor Says:

    I once dumped a girl in high school and as I remember it, pretty hard, for liking Guns N Roses. I remember taking a lot of flak for being such a superficial ass.

    Last year, I downloaded some. . .

  3. adam Says:

    i’m assuming that was supposed to be humorous? give a man an outlet and he thinks he’s a comedian…

  4. Robert Says:

    I agree with Rick, way to go champ, Vinyl and C.d.s Rule, Downloading is for puinces!!!

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