Hoagland Finds Machinery on Mars

I don’t know why this cracks me up so much, but it does. Richard C. Hoagland, popularizer of the “Face on Mars” thing, looks at the imagery being returned by the Spirit rover and sees something amazing: A gallery of cased objects and machinery at the Spirit landing site.

Dunno, Richard; they kinda look like rocks to me.

Interesting background info available here: A skeptical look at Richard C. Hoagland.

Thanks to my new idol, Winston Smith at Philosoraptor, for the link.

4 Responses to “Hoagland Finds Machinery on Mars”

  1. gorak of moog Says:

    richard has exposed our machinery disguised as simple rocks!! he must die, as he is the only human to see through our ruse! due to his insolence, the entire human race will be subjugated within the year, and We of Moog will rule as your new rock stars! blehth mata mimvava

  2. bob Says:

    hey gorak you need to get a life. you are personly disturbed and i hope you never breed a clan of absolute morons. yours truly BOB

  3. Bubba Says:

    Yep, look like rocks to me. Amazing what the imagination can do.

  4. carlos alberto (Brazil) Says:

    Well, I got mad when I saw the “face” for the first time. Then, the new photos arrived and I though: ” It’s a shadow- light trick, indeed”!
    The first photo was of bad quality, with little definition – I think so. So, the “face” was too clear !
    Hoagland and another charllatans said: “Another structures are more important than the “face” – the “fort”, for instance. “It is artificial, for sure”!
    Well, the new photos arrived (MGS) and shown us that the “fort” is only a hill, full of craters.
    Sorry , MR. Hoagland ( and Carlotto, and pietro, I don’t remember the names)…
    It’s a HOAX ! And you … are full of money, fooling everyone ?
    Mars “Sexy Sadies” !

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