Dean vs. Bush on Avoiding Vietnam

Jerome Doolittle makes a great observation about today’s front page NYT story on the medical deferment that kept Howard Dean out of Vietnam: The character issue.

Digression: I especially like the image he used to illustrate the item. Heh. You know, I sincerely do not believe those are George Bush’s real balls. I don’t really care enough to make an issue out of it, and yeah, they certainly could be real. But if so they’re definitely the jumbo-economy size. So which seems more likely: That Bush just happens to have a really prominent package? Or that his image team had the great idea of stuffing a sock in his shorts to underscore the manly look they were after?

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  1. Garf Says:

    That effect reminds me of what happens when you put on a (rock climbing) harness. My bet is that he’s wearing a harness of some sort under his flight suit and that’s what’s making things appear larger than they actually are.

  2. a_stupid_box Says:

    Maybe this is the result of Bush’s head being up his ass?

  3. Aaron Says:

    Garf is correct. Although it is my understanding that a real aviator knows that he can unhook those straps when he’s on the ground….

  4. John F Says:

    If a real aviator knows this, I want to know whata real AWOL aviator would know? :p

  5. Charles Says:

    Yeah, I read it was some sort of harness, and the actual pilots were laughing their own balls off when they saw it was not unhooked as he was walking. Apparently that is *quite* uncomfortable, and pilots learn to unhook it when walking during their first week of training, when they suit up for the simulator – before they ever even get in an actual jet.

    Since Bush apparently never even showed up for any flight training, let alone actually piloted a plane, his ignorance is not surprising.

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