Bobby Kennedy, Jr., in Salon

A great interview with Bobby Kennedy, Jr., is currently running in Salon: Save the earth: Dump Bush. Very much worth watching the commercial to get the one-day Salon pass. An excerpt:

I’m not scared of Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein. They can never hurt America in any fundamental way. As Teddy Roosevelt said, American democracy will never be destroyed by outside enemies — but it can be destroyed by the malefactors of great wealth who subtly rob and undermine it from within. And I see that process happening today.

Thanks to dangerous free radical Yian for the link.

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  1. mmr Says:

    Great article! Thanks for the link.

    Unfortunately, my blood pressure kept rising as I read it.

    We have got to get Bush and Co out of office in 2004.

  2. Jgil Says:

    I just saw him on CSpan, and thought he was really an electrifying speaker. Almost like presidential material.


    Bobby Jr ‘Almost like presidential material’?!?!?!
    You guys are insane.
    Bobby jr is nothing more than a hypocrite.
    He rants on about the enviroment but yet he fly’s around the world in a private jet!
    Is this the sort of character that the left endorses?
    You should check him out when he is on Fox – Hannity makes him look like a Bufoon EVERY time!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hypocrite you say? Clearly he IS presidential material in all aspects then. Not only is he an amazing speaker (I had the pleasure of seeing him speak live, and actually shaking his hand and speaking with him for 2 glorious minutes) but he is clearly a family man who cares about his country. Nothing would make me happier than seeing Kennedy/Clinton on the 2008 Ballot. Of course, Fox is clearly the most reliable, most well respected news channel in America and we should all take what they have to say soooo seriously. Kennedy is a genius, enough said.

  5. J.Jonasson Says:

    What is wrong with Bobby Jr traveling with a private jet, pollution from airplanes are not a problem.

    as for Hannity he is one of the dummest persons that i have heard on talk radio, a complete idiot and amazing that he is on air nationally.

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