Rush Limbaugh: Addict

While I detest the role he has played in undercutting open, honest debate in this country, I still feel sorry for Rush Limbaugh, given the private hell he’s apparently been living with for some time, and the sudden transformation of it into a very public hell. But anyway, this timeline from Kynn at Shock & Awe makes fascinating reading: Rush Limbaugh hearing loss timeline.

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  1. mmr Says:

    Although I feel sorry for anyone who becomes addicted to drugs (even Limbaugh), I find it ironic that a man who’s spent much of the last 10 years screaming publically about other people’s faults is now getting exactly what he dishes out.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I too, feel sorry for Rush. I also think it’s pretty disheartening that a lot of the people in the media and on the net who will damn Limbaugh for his drug use and evident addiction are many of the same people who would demand compassion for almost anyone else in the same position. Then again, Limbaugh has for fifteen years committed the unpardonable sin of holding strong opinions that everybody didn’t agree with, and we must all be made to realize what a terrible crime that is, mustn’t we?

    I’ll leave it to others to argue Limbaugh’s role in “undercutting open, honest debate.” I personally don’t see how one man expressing his opinion undercuts open debate, and I’m awaiting a convincing argument that the man’s views have been a dishonest influence on our nation, rather than a subjective reading of the political scene that far too many people get too worked up about. If Rush is symptomatic of any great negative, it is not the squelching of open honest debate, but rather the sorry state that debate has fallen to in contemporary America. There was a time when political commentary was the almost exclusive domain of some heavy-hitters: George Orwell, Norman Mailer, John dos Pasos, Hannah Arendt, Ayn Rand. Now, as far as the average American is concerned, political debate begins and ends with a pretty lackluster bunch of pundits: Rush Limbaugh, Paul Begala, Michael Savage, Michael Moore, Peggy Noonan. If the great debates of our day fall between Fox News and Al Franken, or Ann Coulter and the Dixie Chicks, we’re in deep trouble.

  3. asd Says:

    He once made a comment that drug addicts should be dropped in some foreign country, I do feel sorry for the country where they drop him.

  4. Kynn Bartlett Says:

    “Then again, Limbaugh has for fifteen years committed the unpardonable sin of holding strong opinions that everybody didn’t agree with, and we must all be made to realize what a terrible crime that is, mustn’t we?”

    I can’t believe you typed that with a straight face. This is parody, right?


  5. Davis H. Says:

    Why should anyone feel sorry for Limbaugh? This guy has made millions basking in the misfortune of others. I’ll never forget how he made fun of Kitty Dukakis for her addiction.

    This is the man who reccomended the “Homeless Olympics.” The man who is a DRAFT DODGER, yet he kept saying “Never trust a draft dodger” when it came to Clinton.

    HYPOCRITE gets what he deserves.

  6. Flush RUSH Says:

    I hope Rush goes thru hell in Rehab and think about all the negative things he said about people and how he’s made fun of drug addicts in the past. What a shlock of a human being. He’s better off dead!

  7. Brett Favre.. Says:




  8. Bill Bennett Says:

    Rush —

    I’m in Room 7-11. Try to sneak down after lights out, okay? We’ll play bingo and smoke cigarettes under my blanket.

    Big Bill

  9. Mike Says:

    Is there anything more pathetic than another boorish bigotted Republican drug addict? Seems like these Republican drug addicts are everywhere these days.

    The fact that Rush has made his living inflicting pain and insults on other people… including drug addicts… just highlights the problem of Republican DRUG ADDICTION.

    Lucky he can afford a drug rehabilitation center. Let’s imagine his reasoning. “I can afford it, so I can take personal responsibility for my drug addiction and pay for the cure, but if you can’t afford the drug rehab center costs than you have no business getting addicted in the first place…So pay for your own rehab costs, or we’ll exile you from our good society…. You should have thought of that problem before you chose to become addicted to drugs you couldn’t afford to be helped to quit.”

    That sounds about right, but I’m no Rush… I’m sure he or some other Republican Drug Addict will do a better job of explaining it.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like Rush will be taking it up the ASS soon! What goes around comes around!

  11. LC Says:

    Looks like Rush will be taking it up the ASS soon! What goes around comes around!

  12. Scott Price Says:

    I am one of those people who feels not an iota of sympathy for Rush, but would certainly call for compassion in the case of the vast majority of those who suffer from addiction. Limbaugh’s vulgar, deceitful, cruel, vindictive, cynical and wholly compassionless history of demagoguery spanning more than a decade have negated any such feelings on my part. This man has never missed the chance to heap contempt and derision on the heads of those he loathes and while I do not much enjoy sinking to Mr. Limbaugh’s slimy level, I will take a swat at it…

    Gee Rush now I understand how you can say the incredibly stupid things that seem to constantly drip out of that fat pie-whole of yours, you were obviously high as a kite (here Rush would cue some suitable sound effect like a bubbling bong or some pseudo-hippie music). Your weak Rush, you and your whole rightwing pack of losers, weak, weak, weak! You just make one excuse after another whenever it turns out you can’t measure up… they aught to take you and “Diamond” Bill Bennett and that serial adulterer Newt and throw you in a cell and lose the key… that’s what we should do! Conservatives are all dope addicts and sleaze balls, no wonder they can’t run an economy or a decent war. Maybe that dried out drunk in the White House can help you get straight with Jesus, but frankly Rush, that’s a slim hope in your case. Dope addicts rarely clean up, everyone knows that, you need to give yourself up now and take your place in the prison where murderous, terrorist drug addicts belong and stop twisting the minds of our American youth with your drug addled arguments over supply-side economics and which Cream album is best to come down to. You sir are what’s wrong with America and the sooner we drug free citizens get you behind bars the better!

    I suppose, bleeding heart liberal that I am, I can find some empathy for even this sad example of humanity… Sorry you took a ride on the Oxycontin express, hope you don’t have to spend too much time in jail and I certainly hope that the kinds of things that happen to loud mouth white boys, and that people like you like to make crude jokes about, don’t happen to you… too often (cue squealing pig noise).

  13. Larry Martin Says:

    It now should be clear to Rush a 200 million dollar drug addict no matter how conservitive is no different than the poor herion addict living on the street.I hope that his rehab time with all those liberal drug addicts will help his low image of his own self

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Rush is typical of many conservatives…. Hypocritical! I’m not surprised that for all these years, while spitting out rhetoric, this junkie was getting wet…

  15. Katy Says:

    What is it they said about Clinton? It wasn’t the blowjob — it was the lying about the blowjob.

    Well, it isn’t the drug use. It’s the being publically, cruelly, critical of addicts for the past 10+ years while yourself being an addict.

    Of course, he isn’t making excuses, and he is taking full responsibility — but it wasn’t REALLY his fault — it was all about his back pain. And REALLY it isn’t as bad as they’re making it out to be.

    Uh huh. Okay. We believe you.

  16. Jared Says:

    Big Bill – That was killer, I laughed my ass off.

    What do I have to say about Rush?

    Now we know how he lost the 600 pounds of fat, he found a new hobby. No mercy for a shithead.

  17. Jared Says:

    Big Bill – That was killer, I laughed my ass off.

    What do I have to say about Rush?

    Now we know how he lost the 600 pounds of fat, he found a new hobby. No mercy for a shithead.

  18. Jared Says:

    Big Bill – That was killer, I laughed my ass off.

    What do I have to say about Rush?

    Now we know how he lost the 600 pounds of fat, he found a new hobby. No mercy for a shithead.

  19. Jared Says:

    Big Bill – That was killer, I laughed my ass off.

    What do I have to say about Rush?

    Now we know how he lost the 600 pounds of fat, he found a new hobby. No mercy for a shithead.

  20. mary Says:

    The country that Rush wanted to drop the druggies into was England. “If(Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders) wants to legalize drugs, send the people who want to do drugs to London and Zurich, and let’s be rid of them.

    — Rush Limbaugh show, Dec 9, 1993

    I wonder if Tony Blair will accept him?

  21. Greg Says:

    Is taking “full personal responsability” when you’re caught the same as taking “full personal responsability” on your own?

    I’m confused, wish Rush Limbaugh was on the air to clear that up.

  22. Cake Says:

    Wow. The previous comments have done so much to bring to light the hypocricy of the left. So much for being compassionate towards those who are sick regardless of their political beliefs. I wouldn’t wish this sickness on anyone regardless of their ideological background. I don’t agree with Rush on many issues but I hope he is able to win this battle. Perhaps he will become more understanding of those addicted to drugs and how it might be more beneficial to focus on treatment and legalization rather than criminalization.

  23. Pam Says:

    People forget that Rush is PAID to express the opinions of the people he WORKS FOR. Grow up, people, and stop being so naive. No company is going to pay you millions of dollars to say something they disagree with. Who knows what Rush really believes? I do believe he’s a genuine bigot–no one could fake that much ignorance! In reality, he’s a pseudo-politician, a whore that uses words instead of sex to make his money.

    My criticism of Rush isn’t about disagreeing with his political views, it’s about the hypocrisy of a man who condemns anyone who is weaker, anyone who is darker-skinned, or female or struggling with their own humanity.

    Then, we find out that not only is he a mean-spirited disembler of half-truths, he’s a DRUG ADDICT. Thousands of people suffer from back pain or back surgery and they don’t become DRUG ADDICTS. Who knows how long he’s been on drugs or what kind of drugs he used before this? Let’s get real about it. Most people didn’t know about this, so how can they be sure about anything else?

    Some people can shoplift or use drugs and if they have money, especially if they’re white, they’re suffering from a “medical condition”, but when they’re poor and/or black, then they’re “animals” who should be locked up with the key thrown away.

    That’s the kind of logic Rush has used to become rich off people who enjoy hating others. He demonizes people of color, women and anyone who is not white, male and of the same opinion.

    He’s paid to give whites an outlet for their frustration, to make them feel, no matter how messed up their lives are, that it’s not their fault.

    It’s “those other people” (anyone who isn’t like them) who are responsible for ALL America’s ills, and in the meantime the people who pay Rush’s salary are taking those gullible suckers to the cleaners, robbing them of jobs, freedoms and common sense, while blaming the poorest, most vulnerable people in the society for the devastation. Divide and conquer is alive and well while the foxes raid the henhouse, and the dumb, clucking hens look on with glee.

    Common sense will tell you that if poor people, or blacks or Mexicans or whomever it is fashionable to hate that week, have that much power, then why the h*** would they be on the bottom? Common sense ain’t so common, now is it?

    Ultimately, every society will be judged by how it treats the least of those. In other words, the Rushes of the world will be judged by how often they incited hate and cruelty in others.

    Too bad Rush didn’t realize that his bout with deafness was a warning from above to stop polluting the public airwaves with hate and half-truths.

    His recent humiliation is just the beginning of his hell on earth. I wonder how his “loyal listeners” will justify his intolerance of other addicts in light of his own “addiction”. Maybe they’ll have to ask themselves whether some of his ranting on the air happened when he was “sky-high”!!

    See ya,

    (i got a bridge i want to sell to all those Rush defenders. tee-hee! :_))


  24. Johnny Mac Says:

    Feet of clay…

    It was really only a matter of time before the base, squalid vices of Bill Bennett and Rush Limbaugh bit them in their respective asses (which are pretty goddamn big, I might add).

    Fatcats all spew the same bile:

    “We’ve got ours, and you can get yours, as long as you’re one of us. So keep on buying big, expensive, gas-guzzling domestic SUVs, and putting American flags on the antennae, because THAT is what patriotism is all about – never mind that horseshit about responsiblity to your community and your obligation as an informed citizen – just keep eating what we so generously feed you and keep your mouth shut when we don’t”.

    Never listen to anyone who tries to appeal to your emotions on a matter requiring logic and reason. What these poor ditto-fools don’t realize is that poverty is a necessary component of wealth, as long as it’s someone else’s poverty and not yours:

    “The world needs ditchdiggers, too”

    – Judge Smails to Danny Noonan in the movie, Caddyshack.

    This is just classic Hobbesian economics. If you support those who secretly oppress you in the hopes that one day they will recognize you for your efforts with some token of appreciation, you are sadly mistaken. The fat men behind the curtain don’t want you to know who they really are, because quite frankly, they are weak. Therefore, do not pay attention to them. Millions listen in the hopes that they will not be left (sic) behind when the glory train rolls into the station. It’s all a big lie, folks. The train is only being delayed by denying the truth. Quit repeating the rhetoric and start questioning it. Think for yourself, and question me and every other crank like me who has an axe to grind.

  25. sobko Says:

    Gosh, for years I listened to snippets and thought “Is this guy on drugs?”

    Looks like a called that one.

  26. ringingo Says:

    This mess with rush is playing out like a greek tragedy. His message about big government and high taxes is still valid. It is hard to call liberals names because they are already slime balls and degenerates. If a slime ball does one good thing it is a miracle and he makes the front pages as a heroic figure. If a good man slips everything good he has done is forgotten. Rush has always been compassionate to those who have actually heard his message. Rush will be back a wiser and even more compassionate man. ringingo

  27. David Tomlin Says:

    Rush’s “spinal surgery” was on his neck, not his back.

  28. Bill Bennett Says:

    Rush —

    Brilliant maneuvering so far to shift the debate to the hypocrisy and compassion fatigue of the left! That’s a gamble even I wouldn’t take.

    Anyway, I missed you Saturday night at the sock puppet show. Maybe we can rendezvous in the linen closet after vespers tonight? We could play “Go Fish” and drop some placebos.

    How’s this for irony, though, big fella — you and I are part of that crowd telling little Dittoheads that if they masturbate they’ll go blind. Turns out the truth is that if you mainline painkillers you go deaf. Come on, R., just a little teasing between buddies, right?

    Don’t worry, though, I’m working on getting us into the main event at next year’s Wrestlemania. You and me will tag against Hillary and Nancy Pilosi. Special guest referee will be Steve Austin. Every time he says something you can ask, “What?” It will be a laugh riot I tell you. Plus we’ll pick up some cash for showing up that we can drop on ludes and slots later.

    Your Rave Buddy,

    Big Bill

    P.S. I got a great slogan for you when you get back on EIB — “People don’t get addicted to drugs; drugs addict people.” Whaddya think?

  29. Doug Says:

    All of you bleeding heart liberals finally have one thing you can be happy about. The failure of one man. We republicans have had hundreds of men we could piont to. You liberals are so stupid you have nothing you can piont to rather than one man having a health problem that got out of control. What excuse do you have for Bill and Hilary,Howard Dean,Ted Kennedy,Grey Davis,Jesse Jackson,Bill Mahr,Al Franken O heck there is not enough time to continue this list just name a democrate and then say whats thier excuse

  30. Bill Bennett Says:

    Dear Doug —

    When I created “The Book of Virtues: A Treasury of Great Moral Stories,” I heavily relied on two resources I hereby recommend to you: An editor and a spellchecker.

    If you cannot track down either, then I recommend you consult a dictionary before posting your next set of comments. After you cross check your submission against any old Webster’s you happen across, please turn to the section entitled “S” and look up the definition for the word “satire.”

    I offer my suggestions in the spirit of self-discipline, compassion, work, responsibility, friendship, courage, perseverance, honesty, loyalty, faith that mark all of us God-fearing, pious and morally certain Republicans.

    Together, Doug, we can conquer the scourge of misspellings that the liberal media have foisted upon our unsuspecting citizenry. Thereafter we can turn our attention to other problems that our republic faces, like drug-pushing housekeepers and bad grammar.

    Your new best buddy,

    Big Bill

    P.S. Don’t you just wish all those bleeding hearts would run out of blood or stop pumping or something? I do. Or, why can’t they all just go back to where they came from? Like France or Fiji or the upper east side of Manhattan? Gosh they get me steamed!

  31. Tom Says:

    Bleeding heart liberals? What an absurd notion that turned out to be. Certainly, we’ve already demonstrated here that those of us who still call ourselves liberals can be every bit as intolerant, crude and nasty as the boys on the other side. Bravo for us all!

    Anyone who expected any better than they have gotten from Rush Limbaugh wasn’t paying much attention and deserves to be disappointed (although it must be said that his likely – but, by no means, inevitable – fall from grace really does nothing to invalidate his small government, low taxes, keep-an-eye on the courts philosophy. It’ll take more than the usual condescention and invective from the good guys to put that one to bed.) Rush is just one example of the kind of reactionary blowhard that has come to dominate political discussions big and small on both sides of the fence. For that, at least, I’d be glad to see him go, and wish he would take Michael Moore with him.

  32. Poco Says:

    Bottom line: The way he procured this drug is a felony! The ironic thing is that Tommy Chong just started a 9-month sentence for selling something that COULD be used to smoke marijuana!! The drug Rush was illegally obtaining is VERY similar to heroin!

    I do believe there is something called “mandatory minimum” and I do believe Ashcroft has a “zero tolerence” policy towards this.

    How much you wanna bet he gets off?

  33. Tempest Says:

    What a fine example of our great educational system. A fine display of a fundemental lack of understanding of econmics. If there were no listeners there would be no advertisers, no advertisers no RUSH.The listeners, not big business make RUSH as popular as he is. If Al Franken, Michael Moore and the 9 dwarfs is the best liberals can do the conservatives are safe.

  34. Terry Wrisley Says:

    This is not about politics or getting even. You can’t. Revenge just breeds more hate. No matter what we do to him it will not be enough. That’s the way it works for me at any rate. When I’m through wishing ill on him then I still have a surplus of venom and guess who I turn that loose on? I’ll pass on that stuff, thank you very much.

    What anyone thinks of Rush right now is immaterial. He probably is unaware of it but his ass is on the line. He is gone. He cannot come back and be the same person. None of you people seem to know anyone who died of heroin addiction. It is very painful for all concerned.

    If Rush has anything like a concience, it has been eating him alive. I am suprised that he has been able to pretend that he is O K. He let down his wife, his coworkers, his brother and sister in law. His fans are another matter. They don’t understand that it is all the folks who hate him are the fuel for his popularity.

    If we let the radio generate emotion in our lives, we need more to do. He’s just boring. Happiness is not external. What foolishness! gtw

  35. Johnny Mac Says:

    Let me describe the ‘typical’ Rush listener:

    He is a he, and he’s white – very white, and he’s pissed. He’s old enough to know better, but chooses not to, whether out of convenience, laziness, or arrogance.

    He wants all the entitlements of a free society with none of the responsibilities required to maintain it. He wants to live in a place without crime(at least the violent stuff – white collar embezzlements from unwitting stockholders don’t count). He has benefited from the system he now condemns and wants to close the doors that were once opened to him, so that others may not follow. He determines every major decision in his life by how much it will cost him right now. He believes that he is morally superior to his contemporaries, and that any challenge to that claim is itself immoral. He wants everyone to be responsible for himself, unless, of course, there’s a really good scapegoat handy. He is your basic selfish prick who hates anyone who isn’t exactly like him, but is clever enough to package it in such a way so that those who are gullible enough to swallow his dreck can’t even taste it anymore.

  36. Bill Bennett Says:

    Dear Rush —

    Gosh, after reading all these recent posts I feel just like Gilligan that time he had to be the arbiter of some silly conflict on the island. Remember that episode? First Gilligan heard the Professor’s side of things, and said, “You’re right.” Then Mr. Howell gave his argument and Gilligan said, “Your’re right.” The Skipper (after throwing a glance at the camera) said, “Gilligan, they both can’t be right!” To which Gilligan responded, “You know Skipper, you’re right too!”

    I think I’m going to revise my book on virtues and add one that I inadvertantly left out — tolerance. Because it occurred to me last night after our sharing session here at the clinic that maybe tolerance is what the Founding Fathers were trying to capture when they elevated individual rights (instead of absolute truth or collectivism) to the pinnacle of our governing structure. I’m still working this through, Rush, but it seems to me that if we promote tolerance of the human condition, maybe, just maybe, our country might be a more humane place to live.

    Plus, if this thing catches on, I can go back to Atlantic City and pull some slots. Baby needs new shoes!

    Big Bill

    P.S. Are they forcing you to make your bed in the druggie wing? If I have to fold one more hospital corner I’m going to scream.

  37. Gordo Says:

    We all know the dittoheads who have come crying to this forum are only so emotional because they will have to find another source for their opinions from now on. I think the real tragedy is that Rush will leave so many people without a shred of intellect to fend for themselves.

    Sad. I hope Rush recovers quickly so these poor folks can stop attempting to think for themselves.

  38. Greg Says:

    Hey Doug, we liberals are so stupid we dont know what “piont” means…were you attempting to type point?

    I can understand a typo, but when you do it more than once it just exposes your ignorance, please cover it at once, it makes me ill.

  39. Gordo Says:

    Hey Tempest, isn’t it your contention as a conservative that the liberals own the media? Seems to me that a few anomolies such as Rush and Bill dont make much of a dent in “owning the media”.

    Of course if your opinion is that the liberals are an insignifigant blip on the broadcast front, then why dont you explain that to all the conservatives who constantly whine about the left owning the media.

    Are all conservatives as confused as you?

  40. Mr Seuss Says:

    The fall of a McCarthy clone.

    an iambic epitaph

    There once was a big man named Rush

    Of whose virtues, himself, he would gush

    All his critics he’ld shush

    While he spewed trumped up slush

    Claiming his facts were the ones you could trust

    Brianless boobies with heads full of rust

    20 million Ditto’s, they fed on his mush

    But glee turned to dismay when truth came to say

    “As it turns out Rush is just a big Lush”


    Ok, that’s the best I could come up with in five minutes. Anyone interested — please modify or append and repost!


  41. Bill Bennett Says:

    As a famous and terribly talented writer, I am moved to add my own Limbaugh Limerick, and I congratulate Mr. Seuss for his effort and for not appending the title “Dr.” to his name.

    “Not humble in daily spewed screeds,

    Quick to admonish others’ puported misdeeds,

    Poor Rush did forget,

    A most basic tenet,

    Forgiving, not airing, grounds creeds.

    “Savor not, therefore, lost pride — it is hollow,

    Lampoon not Rush’s Oxycontinental wallow,

    For the lesson dear friends,

    Is that when our life ends,

    Judgement rests on what we give, not swallow.”

    Big Bill

    P.S. Rush — I post this with all the love I can muster for my fellow sufferer. I’ll see you at the shuffleboard court after lunch. Oh, btw, watch out for that Minelli chick. She’s a hustler.

  42. Johnny "Fair and Balanced" Mac Says:

    How to be a pandering media mogul (read: opportunistic propagandist) O’Reilly, Imus, Stern, take note:

    1. Remember your audience. Listen to what other radio personalities are doing and get a feel for what the audience wants. You’re not breaking new ground here. They don’t want 60 minutes – they want Jerry Springer. Make them feel comfortable with their own inadequacies. The show is about mocking what is difficult or painful to understand. It’s about anxiety reduction. Reduce their anxiety and you will succeed. People don’t like to hold conflicting ideas in their minds. You are the media equivalent of the high school bully. If you prey on the weak, the buzzards will gather. Your pathetic listeners need pre-digested ideas. Re-state with catchy phrases that can be easily remembered like a mantra.

    2. Constantly compliment your audience(read: kiss ass). Tell them they are the smartest, hippest, most moral group of people a radio talk show host could want, because they are – if you say so. It’s a feel-good club, a mutual admiration society, and you’re the president.

    3. Never espouse an unpopular viewpoint, no matter how logically or morally sound it may be. You are not here to get to the truth. You want ratings. People want to feel comfortable with what you say, and if it conflicts with their tiny view of reality, it will frighten them. Don’t worry if you don’t actually believe your own bullshit – as soon as the advertising revenue and ratings roll in, you will believe.

    4. Hire a crew of ass-kissing sycophants who believe that nothing that comes out of your mouth is wrong or stupid. Make sure they know when they should and should not laugh. Compliment them on-air about how smart and insightful they are. This will gain you loyalty among toadies and sheep alike. Occasionally insult them to keep their asses in line. Dismiss it as good-natured kidding, regardless of how cruel and just plain wrong it is. Make sure the rest of your staff know that calling you on it in any way is overreacting. Just make sure they aren’t too competent at what they do. You’ll need scapegoats to blame things on later.

    5. Never play with a fair deck – always stack it in your favor. Invite guests that cannot match wits with you. This can be a bit of a problem, especially for those who are not too bright to begin with, but never fear. Fans don’t want to hear their hero shamed on-air. If for some reason, the guest is not properly screened and manages to begin intellectually disemboweling you, don’t panic. Your listeners need you to be confident in all situations. You represent THEM, right? Rudely interrupt at the precise moment your guest begins to destroy your argument. Be loud. Repeat yourself often. Use canned responses. Attack your guest mercilessly on whatever weaknesses are obvious, like tone of voice, or manner of speaking. If this can’t be done, invent some that the audience cannot determine is false or cannot be refuted just by listening, like their appearance or what happened before air-time or during breaks. One way to avoid this problem is to do your whole diatribe yourself and eliminate opposing viewpoints entirely. You can use pre-recorded out-takes and sound bites out of context to condemn your adversaries. Cowardly, but effective.

    6. Never start an argument you can’t win. Invent statistics to support your argument if you must – no one will doubt you – not a loyal listener anyway. Who really wants to read the boring statistical data from the government – much less interpret it in a meaningful way? Government is way too big, and you can’t trust them anyway (how convenient). Mock those who disagree with you, even those on your staff. If they turn on you, it’s treason – if you turn on them it’s justified. Double-standard is standard.

    7. Exaggerate the importance of what you say. Make mountains out of molehills. Use big words like ‘irretrievable’, and ‘unspeakable’. Be sure to use them in a synonymous fashion right next to words that do not require a thesaurus. You will be educating as well as indoctrinating. Those who know these words will think they’re brilliant. Those who don’t will think you’re brilliant. Help those who need to lead feel like leaders, and those who need to follow feel secure in the ‘right’ way. Both bases covered.

    8. Mix your agenda carefully with known facts. Draw inferences between the two, regardless of how remote. Only scientists and liberals need to thoroughly research hare-brained connections between unrelated issues. If you lead them, they will follow. You are their champion, and they will surrender, or at the very least, question even deeply held beliefs if they believe most of what you say.

    9. NEVER concede a point, regardless of how much sense it makes. Assuage your ignorance by saying things like, ‘The data are not complete on that issue’, or ‘That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it, but the issue is more complex than that…’

    10. Exude contempt. Throughout the exchange, be smarmy and condescending, but always thank your guests in a manner consistent with the position they hold. This is where you will establish the ‘fact’ that it’s not personal, that you have no animosity toward your guest, and that you are merely attacking his views and not him directly.

    Nobody likes a mean, spiteful, and narrow minded host (at least if they can tell the difference).

    11. Hire an incompetent opposition staff. They will give the appearance of a ‘fair and balanced’ viewpoint, but their arguments will always seem silly, because you will tell them what to say. Give them only enough information to embarrass themselves. You can guarantee their loyalty with nice bonuses and invitations to various neo-con gatherings. The food is always better at those things, anyway.

  43. Tom Says:

    I think Moore and Franken have the above list commited to memory as well…

  44. FreeThinker Says:

    Another mighty Golden Boy God struck in those big feet of clay.

    And down the idol goes…

    The DemaGOGues and their zombie followers…

    always clinging to a dragon’s tail.

    How ironic that they think they have cornered the Truth when they are actually the ones always being deceived.

    :) Good Day!

  45. rushkiller Says:

    Rush Limbaugh will be rubbed with KCL and Paprika concentrated admixure, then his tongue will be yanked out, then finally he will be put in a wood chipper foot down. The day all the Limbaugh haters will celebrate as shit limbaugh execution day.

  46. Tempest Says:

    He’s BACK!

    Hope you Don’t choke on it!

  47. Bill Bennett Says:


    You are back, my man, and sounding haler and heartier than ever. I was particularly impressed that, on your first day home, you were unabashedly unapologetic and used your maximum platform to launch a backhanded attack on the staff at the rehab clinic. Brilliant! I mean, I never would have thought to equate a caring and compassionate medical team — ostensibly with nothing but your welfare in mind — with a sneaky team of liberal brainwashers. That, my friend, is the sign of an uncommon mind.

    I am worried about one thing, though, Little Buddy. If you were able to kick a 5-year drug habit in a matter of a few weeks, and return to your strenuous 3-hour a day job, what does that say about the need for our nation’s mandatory sentencing laws? I mean, even if we assume that none of the several hundred thousand drug offenders currently behind bars have your strength of character, surely some tiny fraction of them could also kick their habits after a few months at some cushy clinic?

    But hey, I’m not going to push any deep thinking on the grand occasion of your triumphant return. I do have one request, however, old friend. In the next few days you’re probably gonna be pretty pumped to be back. Promise me that if you have trouble getting to sleep at night that you’ll stay away from the Nitol?

    hahahahaha I crack myself up sometimes. Oops. Sorry. Didn’t mean to mention crack.

    Your bestest bed check buddy,

    Big Bill

  48. Steve101 Says:

    The sheer volume of pills that allegedly passed through his hands would automatically qualify anyone else to be charged with felony “Intent to Distribute” I guess he gets a pass because he is a law and order republican and not a common slob. His email, which suggests he was willing to “trade up” pills he had for things he liked better, would get anyone else charged as well.

    Similarly, the studios that Rush worked out of should be ripping up the consoles and sweeping up all the stray pills and residue. Couldn’t the eqipment be siezed under zero tolerance? I guess that only applies to punks on the turnpike pulled over on a DWB. They should at least cover themselves from potential liability by performing an internal investigation to determine the amounts and frequency of drugs brought into the workplace, usage of phones, computers, staff (interns), etc. related to his illegal drug procurement activity. If they erase email and cover up, wouldn’t that be conspiricy and interfering in a federal investigation? They should turn their findings over to the authorities.

  49. Carol Says:

    Rush offends people not because he is a republican. Not because he slammed drug addicts. Not even because he’s rich and will most probably walk away from these charges. We are offended by the knowledge that we DON’T, CAN’T and NEVER WILL really know the real beliefs of the people we watch and listen to in the media. Society creates these “celebrites” (even if we disagree with what they are saying)and then wants to destroy it’s creation when they fall off the mountain top. I totally DISLIKED Limbaugh’s public persona. So, I did not watch him. But… My sister died from drug addiction. It grabs you, holds you and in some cases CONSUMES you. She was not a bad person, but if asked she would have publicly condemned drugs. All the while high as a kite. His opinions suck. The problem he has with drugs is just sad.

  50. anthony pierulla Says:

    Notice today how he danced around the medicare bill. He was really afraid someone would ask him how he would have paid for his rehab or how he would get his “drugs.”

  51. anthony pierulla Says:

    Notice today how he danced around the medicare bill. He was really afraid someone would ask him how he would have paid for his rehab or how he would get his “drugs.”

  52. Bill Bennett Says:

    Dear Rush —

    I’m getting a little nervous that you’ve been quiet since your return. I mean, the mainstream media covered you for exactly 1 day, then turned their attention to Jacko, Scott Peterson and Curt Schilling.

    It occurred to me, however, that two of these three fine gentlemen have something in common. Do you know what it is?

    No, the answer is not that two of the three wear a glove on their left hands for no apparent reason. But that’s a really good guess, Rush.

    The answer is, two of the three employ barrister Mark Geragos. Do you see the connection here, Rush? We who cannot make a widget or provide valuable services to our fellow capitalists survive only if people find our opinions worth buying. And the only way that happens is if we skirt the mainstream and take fairly extreme positions. Yes, yes, I know that sometimes this strategy backfires and bites us, particularly when folks compare any semblance of the truth to our statements (that comment you made about Donovan McNab is Exhibit A, Rush-a-doodle-dandy).

    But my point is, dear brother, you’re in danger of losing your relevance unless you quick like a bunny make a maneuver to bring yourself back into the limelight. So my suggestion is that you hire Geragos immediately. You don’t even have to kill or molest somebody. Just hire him and people will assume you’ve broken the law somehow and back in the catbird seat you’ll be.

    The best news is that I bet you could hook up with the King of Pop and St. Peterson and work out a group rate for Mark’s time.

    Something to think about, lil’ bro.

    All the fondest holiday wishes,

    Big Bill

    P.S. Hey! It just dawned on me that Geragos does criminal defense work and you’ve admittedly broken the law with your mother’s little helper affair. So, like, it would be a *double* benefit if you hired Mark! This is so cool!

    xo, BB

  53. Mike Says:

    The biggest problem Rush “Junkie” Limbaugh has is that he hasn’t admitted the depth of his problem. That is why I call him Junkie, he’ll be back in rehab before you know it. He think’s that he’s cured and that means he’ll be right back on hillbilly heroin.

  54. Bill Bennett Says:

    Rush —

    Mega Holiday Dittos for your latest legal strategy! You continue to amaze me (and, I’m sure, the rest of the nation) with your clever and entirely sincere tactics. Casting aspersions on your former housekeeper and her drug-dealing hubby for attempting to extort $4 million from you to keep your drug habit a secret is a stroke of genuine genius! As with your departure from the rehab clinic, you’ve remembered to shift the focus from you and your illegal actions to someone else, all the while reminding people that you’re the real victim here. I love this guy, people!

    I’m particularly impressed that you’ve been able to stomach working with Roy Black, who is one of those damnable trial attorneys that you so often villify. What it must be like for you to have to stoop to his level I can only imagine.

    I am a little curious, though, just who the “political enemies” are that scared you off from tattling to the FBI about the blackmail? Are these the same people who would can your fat behind (sorry, bro, I know you’ve been exercising like a fiend, and who am I to talk, anyway?) if the domestics had blabbed earlier? Or would they be the editors of the National Enquirer who paid your staff $100,000+ for their story? Rush, I’m a little worried about your paranoia here…but it is true that just because everyone hates you doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. The jealous bastards.

    Personally, I still think you should blame Hillary Clinton for this whole mess. If she hadn’t started with that whole national health care business, maybe no one would care about your doctor shopping, eh? I mean, under her plan, you probably would to have had a referral every time you popped a pill! hahahahaha

    Lastly, I am tres impressed that you gathered 2000 pills in 5 months. Man, that’s an impressive haul, although it’s a gamble I wouldn’t have taken. Then again, I probably would — you know me! hahahahaha No wonder you’re talking plea bargain with the Florida cops. I think you should try to work out a deal where you’re exiled to Jamaica for a few months. Oh Mon, you can buy the stuff at the flea market or on a golf course there! Of course, you’d have to get your fix from a black guy with dreds, not a white doctor in a cushy office.

    Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a holiday note to keep up the good work. You’re being SOOOOO good I bet Santa brings you something really special this year! *<{:o)


    Big Bill

    P.S. Note to file: How about blaming all those doctors for not checking with each other before writing more prescriptions for you? Or doing a blood check on you? Isn’t this really all their fault?

  55. Elizabeth Reuschel Says:





  56. Cy Luley Says:

    Hello Rush,

    Well, it’s about time for us to all show the same sort of compassion for you that you show for all of the people that you villify on a daily basis. If I thought it would do any good I would suggest that we all say a Fervent Prayer for your Salvation and your recovering Buddy, the Resident Alchoholic in the White House.

    After all, we have to realise that people like you two are really suffering from a poor self image and are therefore somewhat differant needs;

    like all the money, power and pills or booze that you can possibly grub up without working. It is wonderful how you experienced such a blessed epiphany out there in Cape Girardeau in the loving hands of Roger Ayles while innocently pursueing your Disc Jockey Career. How were you to know that your real acheivement was goin to be the ability to swallow a mouth full of about 100 OxyContin at one time ? I am a self taught expert on conflicted personalities and I do have some helpful advice for you two Butt Buddies and all others in the same boat: Why not try hanging out in the local YMCA Rest Room where you could possibly pick up a replacement compulsion which will only make your ass sore but it will not make you deaf or a war monger. I think you guys will actually feel a lot more comfortable once you have overcome your guilt and settled down to a life of love and flowers. You would be much happier and successful as Liberals because you would not have to hide these overwhelming compulsions that have you both captive.

    Don’t Worry….Drug Addiction is the least of your problems. Good Luck with the other problems too.

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