Kay Report Expectations Lowered

I seem to remember, several months ago, getting some snarky commentary from supporters of the Iraq war about how David Kay’s upcoming report was going to blow the lid off the whole WMD thing. Hoo boy, us liberals would have some egg on our faces then, you betcha.

Well, here comes the report: Iraq weapons report won’t be conclusive. Surprisingly (or not), it seems to be following exactly the same pattern we’ve seen, oh, maybe 20 times before during the WMD hunt: BIG GIANT PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT and then, after a while, littletinyacknowledgement to the effect that, um, well, we haven’t acutally found anything. But we’ll keep looking!

Hey, super. You go right on doing that.

Update: An interesting editorial from the Washington Post, taking the administration to task for basically the same issue I’m complaining about above (or at least, for making the availability of expert analysis contingent on whether it helps or hurts the administration): Waiting for Mr. Kay.

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  1. Adam Says:

    Other stories in the British press are more pointed: the report will never be released, at least to the public, because there’s nothing there. Nothing.

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