Alexia Myronenko: World’s (un)luckiest little girl

This story is just hard core weird: Little Alexia Myronenko was spending the night with her family in a tent outside her grandmothers house in Oregon, when a tree near the tent was struck by lightning. The juice went into the tree, and then through the tree’s roots, which were close enough to the surface of the ground that she was electrocuted — straight through her pillow, in her ear and out her thigh. She’s alive, and appears to be doing ok. Aparently the rest of her family was unharmed because of the insulation provided by their air mattresses — Alexia had rolled off of hers in her sleep.

(UPDATE: whoops, I really wish “net.kooks” wasn’t teh default category … i didn’t mean to imply anything by that, I just forgot to pick a category)

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  1. John Callender Says:

    Actually, net.kooks isn’t the default category. The default is no category at all, which breaks some sillly assumptions I made in kludging Movable Type to stick the category icons in the entries.

    I stuck it in net.kooks when I saw that it was missing a category. But I admit I didn’t spend much time trying to figure out where it belonged. I guess medical science makes more sense.


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