Steve Burns: Concerning Dust Mites and Children’s Programming

So I came across that link, and that led me to Some words on cognitive dissonance from Steve Burns, and I couldn’t resist linking to it.

Yes, that Steve Burns. Well, maybe you lack young children, or you’re better than I am at resisting the urge to park them in front of a television, in which case you’re saying, “What Steve Burns?” So follow the link, and come back when you know.

There was always something hypnotic about Steve. You couldn’t (well, I couldn’t) not watch the guy. And the Quicktime videos from his new album, Songs for Dust Mites, are pretty engaging. Though I’m not sure how much of that is their inherent engaging-ness, and how much is just my brain going, whoa, that really is Steve from Blues Clues.


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  1. Crystal Says:

    I couldn’t believe it, either. Steve Burns- rock godlet? Yes! His album is brilliant, and I recomend it to anyone no matter what their preferred musical genre is. The songs are just so intrigueing, and I love them. Its amazing to think that the man who used to sing about getting mail and finding blue paw pringts on furniture could actually make an album, and one this good! If I had to rate it between 1 and 10, it would get 20. I love it.

  2. Kellye Says:

    I always felt that way about Steve when he was on the show, too. (I don’t have any kids, but…ah, heck, it’s a long story) I have this theory that hearing about how smart and creative you are every few minutes for a half hour will make you half-fall for a guy. And the sort of floating ASL under most of his dialogue, and the show were he teaches toddlers to lucid dream. Toddlers! Oh, yeah, and he’s cute. So aside from being the only 26-year-old retail worker girly I knew who could give a synopsis of the show almost every week by Tuesday, I felt an easy, emotional, almost-connection with this guy I really didn’t know from Adam. To say I was thrilled to find out he released an album is to be unneesarily vague.

  3. me Says:

    I heard he got busted for drugs!!

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