Kucinich: 10 Questions for Cheney

Check out the text of this letter sent by Dennis Kucinich (along with two other members of the House Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats and International Relations) to Dick Cheney, asking him to explain his role in the investigation of claims about Saddam’s alleged nuke-reconstitution program: Ten questions for Cheney.

Digression: Those of you trying to paint Dean as a wacko leftist nutjob, by the way, are confused. Dean is into balanced budgets, preserving the death penalty, and letting states decide for themselves about gun control. His healthcare reform plans are about as mainstream and common-sense as you can get (which isn’t very surprising, given his background).

It’s Kucinich who’s the unelectable nutjob. Which saddens me, since I basically believe in every single thing he’s advocating. I just don’t think this country is ready for his particular flavor of sanity.

But that’s okay. It’s something to have someone out there willing to call for things like the establishment of a Department of Peace. And send nasty letters on Congressional letterhead to Dick Cheney.

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  1. Tevi Says:

    Wow, my representative’s Maloney, one of the three who sent that letter. Cool.

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