Team Dean, Team Bush on This Whole Net Thing

Interesting little item that pretty much sums things up: From Howard Dean’s official campaign weblog: Morning news roundup for Friday, July 18. Check out the end of the entry, where the following appears:

Finally, Kos points to a NY Times article that reveals how Dean and Bush are polar opposites even when it comes to the minutae of the web:

Under a system deployed on the White House Web site for the first time last week, those who want to send a message to President Bush must now navigate as many as nine Web pages and fill out a detailed form that starts by asking whether the message sender supports White House policy or differs with it […]

As opposed to, you know, the simplicity of just commenting in the thread below.

I spent the last couple of days reading everything on Dean’s web site. It’s official. I’m an ex-Kerry supporter. Put me down in the Dean column, right next to Karl Rove. Dean is the man this country needs right now. He’s going to be the next president of the United States.

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  1. Adam Says:


  2. John Says:

    Dean has a nice website but, unfortunately, when you click on the link “What I Stand For”, you get the message “This page does not exist”. Just an oversight? Or a symptom of deeper problems?


  3. Bob Says:

    I think the missing ‘What I Stand For’ is symptomatic of things the Dean camp does not want you to know. Such as Deans appointments of Judges that subvert the 1st amendment. Also maybe they don’t want you to know that Deans repeal of the recent tax cuts will (according to the treasury department). A married couple with two children making $40,000 a year, under the Bush plan, would pay $45 in taxes. Repealing them under the Dean plan would pay $1,978 this is a tax increase of over 4,000 percent. (There are many more things like this)

    Maybe you will find out that Dean admitted to his desire to appoint judges that are willing to subvert the bill of rights. Is this the kind person you want representing you.

    There is much more about Dean than meets the eye. Before you support Dean on what he says maybe you should do some research on what he really does. Howard Dean would be a major mistake for the Democratic Party.

  4. John Callender Says:

    Cool! Republican trolls pretending to be concerned about the future of the Democratic Party. Dean’s making progress…

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