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Interesting survey over at that gives you a chance to see which candidate is lining up closest to your general views on some election issues. I took it and, surprise, my top candidate was George Bush! However, I was mildly distressed to see Kerry as my second choice. I just have too much personal distrust in him, as well as his flaky wife, to ever seriously consider him, despite whatever issues in which we may have common ground. Third though was Lieberman, who, if I were ever to vote for a Democrat, would be someone to whom I would give some serious thought.

Anyway, try it and see if it turns out as you would expect.

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  1. Adam Says:

    Interesting result. To me this is a great example why Kerry and Lieberman shouldn’t be headlining a party trying to unseat GWB. I believe strongly that Democrats have to assert their differences, and be proud of those differences, in order to win. If Bush 43 has taught us anything, it’s that the American people right now respect decisiveness; the conclusions, unfortunately, are less important than the convictions.

  2. hossman Says:

    I have to question both the validity, and impartiaity of a system like this. The wording of the questions leaves a lot to be desired … it seemed to use all of the standard Pollster tricks to phrase questions in ways that make you pick one answer over another — even if you have no strong feelings on the issue — just so they can then say “Hey, look at this, you aree with _____ a lot, you should vote for him!”

  3. John Callender Says:

    My results were Kucinich (99%), then Sharpton, Kerry, and Dean, in that order, with only a few points separating them.

    Bush was in 11th place for me.

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