Lynch Family Told Not to Talk?

Interesting turn of events in the Jessica Lynch story: Lynch family silent over rescue.

The BBC says the Pentagon’s version of the rescue is a lie; the Pentagon says the beeb’s criticisms are “void of all facts and absolutely ridiculous.” Meanwhile, Jessica’s dad, asked about the controversy, is telling reporters, “We’re really not supposed to talk about that subject.”

Nonsense, responds a Pentagon spokesperson. “The army does not tell people what they can or cannot talk about. We have advised the family, but they have free speech and know they can talk about what they want.” Yeah, really; who are we supposed to believe on the question of what Jessica’s dad thinks he’s free (or not free) to talk about: Jessica’s dad? Pff.

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  1. Craig Says:

    Once again , I have a hard time seeing this whole minor act within the war as being purely black or white (i.e. a total manufactured lie versus a true story that may only be watered down due to some confused or dishonest sources). The truth seems likely to be in that grey area in the middle. It’s likely that CentCom felt the rescue had a high likelyhood of success due to whatever ground intelligence they obtained of enemy strength in that area. So they took advantage of a possible feel-good story and filmed part of the rescue to pump up National pride and support.

    Some parts of Jessica’s capture and time spent as a hostage was likely distorted, maybe deliberately or maybe as part of the “fog of war” that tends to also affect media reporting. Probably both.

    But to claim that the military essentially dropped a Hollywood set in the middle of a hostile war environment, fully scripted and with soldiers ordered to go into a war zone with blanks, is laughable. Those who think the US military ordered professional soldiers to go into a wartime environment in which they were somehow arrogantly certain was completely sterile and devoid of risk and ordered them to be armed only with blanks, is likely a person who never served in the military themselves or understands how soldiers are trained.

    Meanwhile, I would suggest that the Lynch family were told that they could comment on the situation if they wanted to, but it would likely be in their best interest to not get caught up in feeding the media’s breathless pursuit of the latest and greatest snippet of a developing story until more of the facts have been have been ferreted out. And like a good military family, they agreed to tow the company line for now.

    Not as exciting as a the idea of a fascist military regime threatening a poor little West Virginia family into silence, but that’s my personal gut feeling on it.

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