Conspiracy Fodder

Haven’t seen much mention of this juicy bit of news for the dark conspiracy crowd to chew on. Seems a Republican Congressional committee chairperson thinks it would be a grand idea for the US to get a piece of the Mexican oil business as part of any immigration reform action with Mexico. This story sets up the basic premise of this far-fetched rider to the immigration law (the extradiction rider isn’t so bad though). The National Review looks for some merit in the idea, while the Washington Times is appalled at the thought of it. The Chairperson’s personal oil interests seem to have gotten the better of his judgement in this case. All sorts of dopey proposals come out of committees like this on a regular basis, and get shot down quickly and quietly. This one will and should go down in a similar fashion (well, evidently not so quietly). But the point is well taken that something needs to be done about the massive inefficiency and corruption within Mexico’s business structure. A more stable and growing economy would relieve the pressure of so many illegals risking their lives entering the US.

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