Billmon’s Timeline of WMD Statements

Here’s a nice collection of quotations by Bush & Co. on those elusive Iraqi WMDs: What a tangled web we weave.

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  1. russ Says:

    Yeah, its a damn shame master didn’t do his homework, but then what can you expect of some people?

    From today’s Washington Times:

    2 trailers deemed biological arms labs

  2. John Callender Says:

    If those two trailers are the best evidence you can come up with, you’re in deep, deep trouble. Because those two trailers, no matter how far you stretch them, don’t come close to justifying the administration’s statements on Iraqi WMDs.

  3. Adam Says:

    The problem with these pseudo-smoking-gun stories is, even if each individual one is debunked, they still leave the impression in the public’s mind that stuff is being found all over. Which is the intent, of course.

    Perception is reality.

  4. Russ Says:

    The Washington Times now conclusively proves that Iraqi WMDs have been smuggled out and are now in Iran. This information came to light when the NSA was able to decrypt messages that the war criminals at Guantanmera Bay were sending to each other by way of modulated farts.

    The same article also found evidence of late term abortions all over Iraq. They found a trailer with a water bed in it and the words “LTA” on the side. A small “PP” signature obviously stood for Planned Parenthood.

    Saddam Hussien liked granola, was into recycling was fond of Jane Fonda movies, and liked french food and wine.

  5. mark Says:

    Adam, your comment on psuedo-smoking gun is valid. Ridicule of the “Trailers of Mass Destruction” may punch through the complacency.

    for your edutainment …

  6. mike Says:

    “Trailers…” – adolescent humor (and substandard at that), unattributed quotes, and wild speculation. Typical liberal pseudo-logic, typically unimpressive.

    As for Billmon, I’d be wary of anyone so prone to instant removal and blocking of those who dare to disagree with him. Like most owner-censored rant pages, it will never be more than a mutual admiration society for like-minded drones. When Billmon develops the stones to face a little opposition, his blog might be worth taking seriously.

  7. John Callender Says:

    In the meantime, you can always post about it here., your equal-opportunity source for ranting of _all_ persuasions.

    And you can be wary of Billmon all you want, but this particular item seems pretty immune to being tainted by bias, since it’s basically just a collection of sourced quotations by Fearless Leader & Co. And as far as I can tell, it doesn’t do any of that taking-out-of-context thing that there’s been so much noise about lately.

  8. Fu Says:

    If you’re seeking an honest presentation of Bush White House Lies for waging war on Iraq please visit

  9. Anne Fahey Says:

    Iraq’s nuclear weapons elimninated in 1998. On 15th December1998, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported that it had eliminated Iraq’s nuclear programme. “efficiently and effectively.” On 13th February, 1998 the United Nations Inspectors cleared Iraq of Chemical Weapons UN. Inspector, Prof. Raymond Zalinskas from the UN. Biotechnology Institute stated on the United States Public radio morning edition on 13th February, 1998 “that all chemicals had been wiped out of Iraq weapon site by 1995.”

    New York Times 31st January, 21003 by Stephen

    C. Pelletiere CIA senior political analyst. Look it up. Do you all have complete memory loss in the USA. You get more of the truth than we do.Pelletiere disproved allegations that Iraq gassed the Kurds. Why the diversive debate regarding weapons of mass destruction now. It was obvious to any one with just ordinry common sense that the P.R. onslaught against Iraq was about the ideals of the “Free Market”. Free for the US. regime only. It appears that those who champion the ideals of the “Free Market”, do not have the courage of their convictions when it comes to telling the world public about their successful “Free Market” gains. They have stolen Iraqi’s oil,taken overtheir aiways, telecommuncations and more. Bush has generoulsy given the Aust. government 24 millions

    dollars worth of commercial contracts for Australia being their little helper. Why not lets talk about what Iraq had before the Econoic Sanctions. Heres some true facts which I have not read from any US source. Money from Iraq’s oil was spent on the people by way of free education, free health, one of the best medical systems in the world. There were more professional females than males. It was a secular society, and there is much more if one wishes to be informed. I was in Iraq one year before invasion. There I attended a conference regarding the US/UN genocide of 750,000 Iraqi children 5 ys and under. The deaths consisted of death by disease and malutrition and death by US intentional denial of medicines (even pain-killers) for children suffering from the radiation effects from the depleted uranium US troops dropped on Iraq and its people.

    Anne Fahey

    Org: People Against Sanctions On Iraq

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