Good Politics, Bad Science

From the Guardian comes this lengthy, but really informative, piece about how the Bush administration in particular, and the US religious right in general, has been making headway against those evil scientists who want to do unChristian things like teach children the theory of evolution, promote condom-use to fight AIDS, and find ways to use cloned embryonic stem cells to cure disease: The battle for American science. The latest technique, apparently, is to use stealth campaigns like the “Intelligent Design” movement, in which fringe science is portrayed as a viable contender against the more-established (but less popular with fundamentalists) theories favored by actual scientists.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I would not say that what all Bush is doing in the realm of Science is bad. He is supporting the use of Fuel cells in cars and he supports changing from 100% gasoline over to 30 % ethanol. Anyway not all scientist have the same views concerning evolution either. I’m not saying Evolution isn’t a bad theory, but it has flaws that different scientist agree and disagree with.

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