Lies For Everyone

Were you prepared for that day of year again when the lies are a little more blatant than normal? No, we’re not talking about election day; it’s April 1st. From job offers in Iraq for African newspaper readers to new Internet standards requiring packets with “evil intent” to be labelled, pranksters have been keeping busy all over the world today.

Some hoaxes have been less well received, however. White powder in envelope handed to a teacher in New Zealand caused a school to be evacuated, and a web site proclaiming that all of Hong Kong would soon be quarantined prompted such a panic that the government had to denounce it.

With a selection of the top 100 hoaxes of all time, the Museum of Hoaxes offers an amusing look at the history of April Fools day.

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  1. Jaybird Says:

    My favorite is the infamous 1985 joke published on Sports Illustrated, and found here:

  2. Kaylyn Says:

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