Evan Maloney Grills Those Opposed to War

Evan Coyne Maloney made a really interesting video, which you can grab from brain-terminal.com (assuming you have QuickTime, and a decent-sized pipeline). He went out on the streets of New York and interviewed anti-war protesters, and found, perhaps not surprisingly, that many of them have only the vaguest notion of what an appropriate alternative would be to the actions they’re protesting against. So, hey, protesters: think about that, okay?. You really ought to have an answer.

3 Responses to “Evan Maloney Grills Those Opposed to War”

  1. onan Says:

    I could see calling that amusing, but not interesting. Much like the work of Michael Moore, which is damned entertaining, but ultimately only proves that by selecting from a large group of people, and carefully editing their responses, it’s easy to generate apparent idiots. And if you’re going to resort to such tricks, the result should at least be funnier than this.

    I don’t think that my reaction is just a product of agreeing with the protests. I’m just not a fan of the tabloid as a medium, regardless of the content.

  2. John Callender Says:

    Well, when I say “interesting,” you should always feel to append “(to me)” after it. I found it interesting because I, too, agree with the protesters, but Maloney, for all his conservative politics, comes off as entertaining, and rational, and at least somewhat reasonable (people who work in the communications arm of political campaigns, which it turns out Maloney has done, tend to be good at that). And yeah, I realize there’s probably a heavy editorial bias in what he’s choosing to include, but I still find myself wondering how I would have answered some of those questions, and how Maloney would have responded to my response, and (again, “to me”), that’s interesting.

  3. Decker Says:

    I don’t see how Onan can compare Moores F/911 to Malroneys video of the protesters. Moore took unrelated and out of sequence events and pasted them together and made a piece of cr@p that would only appeal to those weak willed brains of mush. Malroney took an event and asked questions that related to the signs that the people carried, and other related points.

    John are you saying that Malroneys questions, made to sound reasonable, but were actually those of trickery, brought about by training in a conservitive political communications education center.

    As I say it sounds like he was basicly asking about the signs that the protesters were carrying. Show me the Bias. I say it was very interesting that Protesters could not explain beyond slogans and the words on the signs that they were carrying.

    Moore and Malroney are on totally different paths.

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