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In the interest of maintaining the current high levels of interest being shown in this site by those of the Love Your Country, Right or Wrong persuasion, here’s a nice bit of anti-Bush (both flavors) mockery: George Bush Is No Nazi (Flash required). Thanks to Madison for the link.

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  1. a_stupid_box Says:

    First off, I knew all about the connections made in this flick between the Bush family and the Nazi party. I think that any voting citizen should KNOW as much about a candidate as they can (although that info was in the past and wasn’t what got me to vote for Gore — Bush’s lack of IQ points saw to that).

    Secondly, while I support Bush being removed from office in the most timely of fashions, I don’t support this film. It starts off making factual connections and moves into little more than slander and bashing.

    Now, while I agree with a LOT of what was presented, I don’t agree on just HOW it was presented. It’s true, America has become little more than a media/marketing whore. Also true is that the president’s family had ties to the Nazi party over 50 years ago. Is the president a bad man for this? No. Is he a poor leader for this? No.

    He’s a bad man because he values the lives of certain people over others, going against the constitution (remember that “All men are created equal” part? Where does it say “all Americans”?)

    He’s a bad man because he supports killing in the name of God, whom last I checked, had a “Thou shalt not kill” thing going (I’m agnostic, by the way, and am just making a point).

    Now, he’s a bad LEADER because he doesn’t understand what’s wrong with those above things, as well as being little more intelligent than any type of breakfast cereal.

  2. ymatt Says:

    Yeah, I think jbc is experimenting with unashamed right-winger baiting with this one.

    For shame, jbc. For shaaaame.

  3. Steve B Says:

    “…all men are created equal….” is not from

    the U.S. Constitution, but the Declaration of Independence. It’s only the anti-war left that doesn’t care to allow Iraqis living under Saddam’s boot their inalienable rights. By their logic, Iraqis aren’t entitled to any rights.

    Oh, BTW, he values American lives because he is the President of the United States; that’s his job.

    So…if your agnostic and support killing, that’s OK, right? Just the religion thing is objectionable. Uh Huh.

    Another victim of public education….

  4. billy joe Says:

    As I peruse history and politics[ bible kjv ] also. I certainly can see that the world and the greed is the same as it was in the time of christ. as it says in eccliesiastics there is not anything new under the sun. the world and its people will wax worse and worse; decieving one another and being decieved by one another and never coming to the knowledge of truth; which is peace: [ CHRIST THE PRINCE OF PEACE: THE NEW COVENANT/ THE NEW TESTAMENT: We would be better off if we had a seperation of church and state/ untill christ returns because these wolves are liars to the maxx; they pervert the GOSPEL OF GOD. Of course christ warned of this before they nailed him to the cross: Let the buyers be-ware:

  5. Loren D Shufeldt Says:

    It seems to me that the fact that a site like this is here at all sort of “flies in the face” of the whole point of it. Unless of course the point is to propagate an agenda. Noooo, you wouldn’t do that would you?

  6. John Callender Says:

    Ach, you got me. I am indeed propogating an agenda. And since you’ve spilled the beans, I may as well just come right out with it, rather than trying to keep it secret.

    I. Call to order.

    II. Reading of the previous meeting’s minutes.

    III. Encouragement of Loren D Shufeldt to be somewhat more clear. Just what is it that he/she/it is trying to say?

    IV. New business: Running shoes. People aren’t wearing enough running shoes. This needs more study.

    V. Motion to adjourn.

    VI. Beers at the pub.

  7. Loren D Shufeldt Says:

    Nice agenda comeback Karl, oops, I meant John!

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