Abbey Road Cover Proves Paul is Dead… AND a Non-Smoker

Here’s an interesting example of how our collective memory is subject to the steady, ongoing erosion of the rough edges indicative of actual truth, leaving behind the smoother surface of something not quite as true, but more consistent with the mental models we employ in our ever-failing quest to hang onto meaning. Or something like that. Anyway, check out this story about a U.S. poster company’s decision to airbrush out the cigarette in Paul’s hand in recent versions of the image from the Abbey Road cover. I also came across this nice little montage that includes the original as well as other shots from the same photo session.

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  1. hjfhjghjghjgh Says:


  2. fulica Says:

    It isn’t a cigarette. Look closely and you will see that it is thicker than a cigarette and has a rounded end. It is pot or a piece of chalk.

  3. Robert Says:


    This one really is Flogging a dead horse, It is widely known and accepted by people who arn’t even huge Beatles fans that during that late 60’s period where people were scrutinising every song they made especially after “I am the Walrus” and “Strawberry Fields” that there were hoax rumours going around that Paul had died in a car crash and was replaced by a look a like, well there were bone heads then and there are still bone heads now that believe that truely is the case,

    They argue this and even write books and have exclusive web pages, but what they are doing is just basically filling in time as they have nothing better to do with there pathetic lives. It’s not even worth me Proving any facts to you as it would waste more of my time, every body knows.

    You are the same type of Dick Heads who Don’t beleive that Hitler had 6 Million plus Jews killed during the War, and don’t believe that Man walked on the Moon,

    Grow up you Fucking Numb Skulls !!!

    All the Best….Dr. Robert

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