Man (and His Sperm) Get Life for Shooting Television

A story that for some reason winds up being more interesting to me than the sum of its parts: William Reno Gerber is serving a life sentence under California’s three strikes law for shooting his television. Now the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear a challenge to the appeals court ruling that decreed he could not mail his sperm to his wife, in order for her to be artificially inseminated.

2 Responses to “Man (and His Sperm) Get Life for Shooting Television”

  1. Johnson Says:

    All i can say is that is f-ckin funny!

  2. sooozy Says:

    I dated this psycho in early ’90’s when he lived in Perris, Ca. He stole my 8 mm video camera, my Taurus revolver, choked me when I broke up with him, set a friend’s truck on fire with gasoline after that and a police officer in Moreno Valley told me not to press charges, it would only make him madder! I should have pursued the charges, but moved right after that. He doesn’t deserve kids and was alot worse than shooting up a TV set!

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