Hooooom Hmmmm, Treebeard…

Just because a) I can’t resist posting a Lord of the Rings link that jbc missed and b) jbc has been distracted from his TT obsession by a well-dressed criminal — I now bring you a nice picture of Treebeard courtesy of elbakin.com, what appears to be a french-language fantasy news site. Surprisingly, I actually think he looks pretty respectable.

3 Responses to “Hooooom Hmmmm, Treebeard…”

  1. jbc Says:

    This is terribly cool of you. But just for the record, I’d actually seen a version of this image already. I was just too busy staring at Noni photos to bother posting it.

    Less than a week to the release of the FOTR extended edition DVD. Barely more than a month to TTT! Whee!

  2. a_stupid_box Says:

    Suddenly, I feel sane.

    I must have been sick the day they were handing out obsessions.


  3. ymatt Says:

    That could even be lies’ secondary goal:

    “lies.com — we make you feel a bit saner at the expense of famous people (and jbc sometimes)”

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