Winona Day IV: Green and Frumpy

Things took a turn for the worse in the second full day of the Winona Ryder trial, as the actress arrived in a really yucky-looking green thing (dress? coat? hard to tell, or care, honestly). Photo coverage is pretty sparse so far (for which I guess we should actually be grateful), though it does look like she’s sporting yet another jarringly mismatched purse, if the strap and possibly-associated white and brown fringed thing visible in this photo mean what I think they do. Excuse me; I think I’m going to have to go lie down. Update: Speculation runs wild on the question of whether the first image above shows a worn collar edge (the hint of white along the right collar). And now, a newly released photo seems to show the same thing on the left collar. fashion correspondent Lucy, in looking at the second photo, says, “I’m more inclined to think it’s some decorative edging that’s reflecting the flash, instead of a worn edge.” I really hope she’s right. If not, I have serious doubts about whether Winona’s legal team will be able to recover. Later: We’ve got good news and bad news, people. The good news is that I was wrong about that white and brown fringed thing under Attorney Mark Geragos’ arm; whatever it was, it wasn’t Winona’s purse. The bad news is that the purse she actually brought today is even worse than I imagined. Is there still time for a plea bargain? Still later: She looks better after the lunch break, with her coat unbuttoned to reveal a dark blouse underneath. And is that even the same purse? Last update, I promise: In my shock at today’s outfit, I totally forgot to mention that it’s Winona’s birthday today. Happy 31st from! And in terms of the actual trial, about all that happened today, apparently, was that the Saks security supervisor narrated a video showing her walking around the store picking out clothes.

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  1. MARY Says:


  2. LYNN Says:

    I’m sorry, but the woman is on trial for shoplifting, not for her fashion sense, It’s bad enough that we pick on her for what she did, but to add insult to injury by picking on her clothes?! Leave the girl alone!!!!!

  3. Lucy Says:

    I dunno, I think it’s perfectly valid to critique her fashion choices, given that part of her attorney’s argument for her innocence was that Winona’s known for her fashion sense and would never wear clothing with holes cut in it, or some of the other items she shoplifted. Not that I think this is a particularly intelligent argument on her attorney’s part, but…

  4. todd Says:

    it makes me proud to be an american, where how much you got determines what you will get. no jail time, am i surprised at the two class system, naw this is the good ole usa. laugh winona laugh, another justice system winner. as for her clothes, maybe she can auction em off, now she is a famous felon.

  5. jbc Says:

    Actually, I don’t know if this is the best example of someone with money getting off. First, she hasn’t been sentenced yet. Second, even if she does get no jail time (which seems likely), she’s got no prior convictions, and didn’t exactly shoot a bunch of preschoolers, or anything like that. I think a fine, restitution, and probation (perhaps accompanied by court-mandated counseling) wouldn’t be inconsistent with what anyone else would have received, under the circumstances.

    Indeed, you could make an argument that the only reason the DA prosecuted in the first place was to do some grandstanding in a trial guaranteed to get lots of media coverage. She’s the victim, see?


  6. Anonymous Says:

    She’s charged with shoplifting, who cares what

    she’s wearing or how she looks. Do others charged

    with the same crime get this attention? She should be treated the same as any other person that is on trial, but in Hollywood the people in movies are above the law. Just look at the O.J.

    case. I’m glad that I don’t live anywhere near California.

  7. jbc Says:

    Well, you’re right on one point, and wrong on another.

    Yes, it’s ridiculous how much attention has been paid to what she was wearing and how she looked during the trial.

    But no, you’ve wrong if you think this is another example, along with the O.J. case, of a big celebrity getting off because of their celebrity status. And you’re wrong two different ways, too: First, Winona didn’t get off. She was convicted, which would seem to argue pretty strongly against, rather than for, your thesis. Second, O.J. didn’t get off because he was a celebrity. He got off because he had good lawyers, and because the cops, lab people, and lawyers on the prosecution side went out of their way to give the defense team plenty of ammunition to use against them, with hijinks like a warrant-less search, the planted bloody glove, Fuhrman’s perjury, mishandling of evidence, and the does-the-glove-fit debacle.

    So. You have a point. But you’re still a doofus. Have a nice day.

  8. Melissa Says:

    Of course Winona was not on trial for what she wore to court. Unfortunately, the clothing one wears and one’s demeaner can influence how a person is judged. A defendant in a court room can become a victim to this judgement whether they like it or not. It is in a defendants best interest to dress and act accordingly so that a jury may not be affected by this un-fair practice of judgement, but instead judge by the evidence presented.

    The article we are all commenting is meant to be humorous even if it reflects Winona in a negative light.

    I have to agree that her celebrity status might indirectly dictate the deciding judgement for punishment. Maybe it won’t. She did not have any prior convictions and that will STRONGLY influence the punishment she receives.

    If she does not receive jail time, there is some food for thought. I am not sure if it was brought out during the trial, but the Saks store manager did ask the prosecution to drop the charges against Winona. Since the request was made after the arraignment, the prosecution decided not to drop the charges.

    The bickering here should stop and one should find the humor intended by the article. After all, it may make one smile. Smiling leads to a happier day! With all that is going on in the world today, we could all use a good laugh.

  9. David Says:

    Lets take a step back with this information about a 1st offence. If a common everyday person was accused of ‘FELONY GRAND THEFT’, even if it is ‘only shoplifting’, would they get off without time. We are not talking about a candy bar at the local convienence store, but thousands of $. What kind of defence would you get with a public defender.

    Seriously, about the possible 3year sentence and that Leona will probably walk with a conviction. Just the same as you or I could expect. Will it be any different with the people responsible for the Stock Market problems and fraud in industry? Looking at the past 20 years, I think so. Just a slap on the wrist for the ‘Rich and Famous’ !!!

  10. HugBug Says:

    I think Winona’s adorable. I’d like to push my penis into her buttcrack and take pictures!

  11. wynona hater Says:

    Wynona deserves jail time. $5000.00 worth of merchandise….. She is reportedly on painkillers. Between that fact and her career of being fake (acting), she has obviously detached herself from reality. What she needs is a reality check. Something like a year or two in jail outta do it. If she only gets a slap on the hand, it will happen again and again. Anyone who gives a damn about what she is wearing or how this will affect her career needs to get a life.

  12. stephen Says:

    Sentance aside, i think she did it. I’m a fan of hers by the way (anyone know where I can get good pics?) but I think she screwed up big time. Really hope she’ll be able to come back strong & pull herself together….. she’s way adorable & IS NOT A FAKE. Anyone who says that hasn’t seen many of her flicks.

  13. A Fan Says:

    I agree with the previouse post. I too am a big fan, but she’s guilty. Only the jealous dislike Winona – i.e. : the overweight and the obese.

  14. Lauren Says:

    I think that we should leave the legal theories to the lawyers and the state of Wynona’s mental health to her therapist, if she has one. The rest of you obviously don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

  15. dita Says:

    A lot of us are judgemental. She is already carrying the heavy burden of being tag as a theft. Who cares if she wore this & that. This is not about fashion.

  16. sharon Says:

    Wynona …. I like her. He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.

  17. sharon Says:

    Wynona …. I like her. He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.

  18. sharon Says:

    Wynona …. I like her. He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.

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