Winona Trial Begins Today

It’s jury-selection day in the Winona Ryder trial, though I haven’t been able to find out what she’s wearing yet. With the F.B.I. reporting that they believe they have the D.C. sniper in custody, though, hopefully we’ll be able to get more detail soon. (I did come across this story about Christina Aguilera piercing her private parts, at least. Thank God the media are getting back to covering real news.) Update: Looks like a fairly restrained floral-print dress with pink sweater. Later: From Lucy, a better photo. Check out the shoes. But that shoulder bag? I dunno; I realize she needs to appeal to jurors by dressing down a bit, but it seems like a little much to me.

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  1. a_stupid_box Says:

    I don’t care what she wears — she’s still better than avg. looking if you ask me. Of course, I consider Helen Hunt to be a 10/10, so take my opinion for what you will.

    She’ll be found guilty, though, and given some ridiculously inadequate penalty due to her fame.

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