More IE Flaws; MSFT Trades Charges with Security Vendor

Ho hum; another day, another revelation of crippling security flaws in Internet Explorer. This particular story is fun because of the back and forth it contains between the consultants who discovered the problem, and the MSFT flack who calls them irresponsible for telling people about it. “The most effective way to ensure the safety of the greatest number of Microsoft customers is to discuss security vulnerabilities only after users can be offered remediation,” says Microsoft spokesperson Rick Miller. Actually, I’d think the most effective way to ensure those users’ safety would be for them to switch to OS X or Linux.

2 Responses to “More IE Flaws; MSFT Trades Charges with Security Vendor”

  1. onan Says:

    I was particularly charmed by seeing last week that Microsoft had issued something on the order of 62 security alerts this year. Which comes out to about one every four days.

  2. a_stupid_box Says:

    I don’t see why anything either underhanded, comedic, or foolish involving MS is even considered “news”.

    I’ve made up a series of things I’ve suspected will be wrong with the next OS they release. I’ll post results here when this list is either debunked or confirmed. The later most likely being the case.

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