Padilla Dirty-Bomb Plot Charges Unravelling

from the creeping-totalitarianism dept.

So, it now seems that Jose Padilla, the U.S. citizen who was arrested on U.S. soil, then held in a Navy brig for the last two months without being charged or allowed to speak with a lawyer, probably didn’t have any actual connection to al Queda, or to the “dirty bomb” plot the FBI made a big show of having “thwarted” by his arrest. This is a test case, people. You want concentration camps? Families turned out of their homes at gunpoint in the middle of the night? Suspension of rights for anyone even remotely suspected of being a terrorist? A Muslim? An atheist? A civil libertarian? This is how it starts.

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  1. tom wing Says:

    You Kerry-ites have it all wrong. Slick Willy was the one who had us all prepared for the eventual war with the Jihadist, which is coming. You who will sit on your asses waiting for the elitests of Europe to provide security for us poor Americans. How pathetic that you are so blind to the coming threat from the Radical Moslem Clerics. They are coming .

    Take heed, you Quislings, you will be their first victims. I mean teachers and intellecutuals will be the first to go. The Mulahs won’t stand for democracy, especially for Jews in America. Sorry- you just don’t get it in acandemic suburbia.

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