Boeing Vs. Gravity

from the up-up-and-away dept.

Boeing is examining the work of controversial Russian scientist Yevgeny Podkletnov who claims to have developed an anti-gravity process. While his claims are not taken seriously by many in the scientific community if an aerospace giant like Boeing is looking into his claims, maybe there’s something to it.

2 Responses to “Boeing Vs. Gravity”

  1. viller Says:

    I have developed gravity defying breasts>)

  2. fatthinslim Says:

    I think boeing are going down the wrong path, they need to find a way of generating a gravity A wave to repel the B wave that is known as gravity which holds us to earth. all energy can be converted , its just a shame we can’t perform alchemy and make element 115.
    but im sure there will be a way, maybe looking into (manna) gold powder that was suposidly used in biblical times to levitate the ark of the covenant and construction of the pyramids. who knows but if in the future we have flying cars i just hope they dont let women drive.

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