Decline in Nudism=Decline in Tourism

from the show-us-your-tits dept.

A decline in nude sunbathing in Munich’s English Garden is resulting in a serious decline in tourism to the city. “Society has become more prudish. You don’t see as many attractive young Munich girls anymore. I hope they’ll come back.” said the park director. Remember, in real life naked people are ugly, the only place where you can see attractive naked people is in porn.

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  1. Dario Western Says:


    I think what nude recreation/nudism whatever you call it teaches us: it is what’s inside the person’s heart that counts.

    It seems to me that many people who get into nude recreation in a major way tend to allow their beautiful and ugly sides of their persona alike to shine.

    I’ve been into nudism for the last 11 years now, and I think young people who bought into the propaganda of it being exclusively harmless fun activity and got hurt by some very sick-minded people who abused its liberties have decided to turn their backs on it. No person is 100% righteous or saintly.

    Basically with political correctness, occult and New Age people trying to make it a way of life for the future, it seems that very little is going to change. We are not perfect people, and even naked societies are not perfect.

    The healing properties of nudism are out to bring forth what’s inside out and put back what’s outside in.

    If we did get a whole network of women to go nude in the streets and protest nude against injustice, war, violence and hatred, it could very much see a return to the pre-modesty times of the jungle or an egalitarian society where the woman has the upper-hand in how society is run.

    I wonder what would happen if Hilary Clinton was elected as president? Would we see peace restored to the world, I wonder?

    Dario Western

  2. nude beach lover Says:

    I can tell you this – we were a nudist travel agency when 9/11 hit and our clients were more worried about their flights being cancelled than about traveling. Nude vacations was one of the few travel segments that did not drop 50%….

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