Kournikova Gets Pissy with BBC Interviewer

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Anna Kournikova continues to demonstrate that in the world of professional women’s tennis, you get way more headlines with a cute nose, good skin, and nice measurements than you do with actual talent. In this case, by lashing out at a BBC interviewer after her first-round exit from Wimbledon, causing a media frenzy. This is the fourth first-round tournament loss in a row for the fetching Russian.

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  1. lauren Says:

    ok…im sorry…but ive been looking at this “girl”. she has a really pretty face. i like her face a lot. but she has NO curves. her measurements that people say are like… 36, 24, 36 are really off. shes got a HUGE waist. not a small waist. shes got no curve. even when she sucks in. halle’s measurements are 36,24,36. now THATs understandable. im sorry…i just dont see what people see in this tennis girl. she has a pretty face…but no body.

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