Mysterious Noises Emanate From Ocean

from the things-that-go-bloop-in-the-deep dept.

CNN has a story about a super-powerful undersea noise that has scientists baffled. It bears the hallmarks of a biological origin, but matches no known noise pattern, and is extremely loud. Giant squid, maybe, goes one of the guesses.

3 Responses to “Mysterious Noises Emanate From Ocean”

  1. mike spahr Says:

    i think your site is a bunch of bull. you need to stop making things up and put some thought into it come on even a ninth grader knows your full of shit….

  2. John Callender Says:

    You figured that out all on your own? I may have to revise my estimation of the American public school system upward a notch or two…

  3. Jaybird Says:

    Yep, so true….that jbc guy…..he talks CNN into writing erroneous stories all the time….what a liar….someone should report him the the authorities!

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