Woody Harrelson Arrested After London Taxi Chase

from the when-celebrities-go-bad,-part-I dept.

Yay! Another celebrity has had a run-in with the law under weird circumstances. Specifically, actor Woody Harrelson (Cheers, Natural Born Killers, White Men Can’t Jump) apparently got into a disagreement with a London cabbie involving a broken ashtray and a damaged door, then jumped out of the cab and into another, leading to a high-speed chase and his eventual apprehension by police. He’s now out on bail, with a hearing scheduled for July 1.

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  1. night heron Says:

    This is the jerk who was arrested while clibing on the golden gate bridge with a bunch of enviromentalists wackos to save the redwoods and i wonder what his appinions on abourtion is? he was also in that trashy movie THE PEOPLE VS LARRY FLYNT he would rather save the trees then the minds of young people poisoned by his dirty movie

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