Woman in Nigeria Faces Stoning for Having a Child

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Coward writes “According to CNN, a woman in Nigeria is facing death by stoning for having a child more than 9 months after her divorce. Fortunately she has 2 years for appeals, as the court has allowed her time to wean her child.

For more information on Nigeria and its interpretation of Sharia, please take a look at Africa Action’s page. A good (non-partisan) definition of Sharia can be found here. This is so cool. Not that the woman is facing stoning under an oppressive misogynist tradition (that sucks), but that I heard someone mention this story yesterday, and didn’t have time to post it, and I wake up this morning and bam, a helpful reader has submitted it, complete with supporting links. That rules.

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  1. Alexis Brown Says:

    If the courts of Northern Nigeria choose to follow Sharia law, they may as well do it right.

    Amina Lawal did not commit adultry because adultry is when a person has sex with someone other than their spouse, however she did not have a spouse because she was not married to anyone and therefore should not be stonned, but the father of her child is guilty of adultry, because he is married, so the man should be stoned in this case, not Amina Lawal, but since he denies having any sort of relation with her, his word is enough to get him off. Why doesn’t someone just do a paternity test? This “law” favors men and is backwards because The father of the child is guilty of adultry and Amina Lawal is not. STONE THE FATHER OF THE CHILD!

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